Veep Harris Says Roe Decision Will Impact Your Son’s “Choices” – IOTW Report

Veep Harris Says Roe Decision Will Impact Your Son’s “Choices”

Your son can no longer bang girls and rely on abortion as birth control.

This is, in essence, what Kamalalala has said.

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  1. She makes the implication very clear.

    Pro-abortionists prefer the “fuck – then – kill” philosophy.

    But there’s even more to than that.

    Evade responsibility
    Steal (Federal abortion funds)

  2. Or

    If one stork brings one baby and two storks brings two babies, what bird brings no babies?.

    Two swallows.

  3. Could she have meant the son (male) who impregnated his girlfriends and may be responding for years of child support since the baby wasn’t killed?

  4. “Could she have meant the son (male) who impregnated his girlfriends”

    Put on a damn condom the way we use to. I’m pretty sure they’re still available. Ribbed even.

  5. The abortion pill works & is available over the internet. Or as Maury says. “You are the father”. Pay up for the next 18 years loser.

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  8. Kamalalala knows how this benefits career fellatio artists like herself !!

    Screw Affirmative Action, this wins the lottery for incapable POC female lawyers !

  9. Gosh, if only…

    …reliable birth control was readily available.

    …there were other ways to gain sexual gratification that didn’t risk pregnancy.

    …it were possible for people to engage in a modicum of self-control.

    …it were possible for a pregnant woman to get an abortion in a reasonable amount of time, e.g. first trimester.

    …then we wouldn’t have to listen to a bunch of screeching morons bitch incessantly because they can’t kill a baby, in some states, the literal day it was supposed to be born.

    Of course, the real issue may be that these evil cunts just want the right to commit infanticide because it will lead to being able to murder anyone who is vulnerable simply out of personal convenience.

  10. Why was the video cut right before she started kackling? I swear you could see it coming with that pre kackle smile.

  11. My mother sells condoms to sailors,

    My dad pokes the heads with a pin,

    My sister performs the abortions,

    My god how the money rolls in!

  12. My son, daughter, SIL and DIL have both acted responsibly and their CHOICE was to not bring any unwanted children into this world. If the man doesn’t wish to become a parent, take steps to prevent it. Same goes for the female. Stupid people shouldn’t participate in the breeding process….none of us can fix it, we can prevent it. America doesn’t need the likes of Harris to tell us anything, each passing day I wish they were all dead.

  13. The son has only been deprived of one of his choices: Unprotected sex with a woman who CHOSE to not use birth control. That’s it. He can still use a condom, natural family planning, self control, or choose a female who is not too stupid and too lazy to use birth control.

  14. Don’t give KamalMao credit for her dingbat wandering into a truth. Sure “sons” have real choices to prevent pregnancy. She doesn’t really mean men who impregnate women have “choices” as in multiple.
    She pluralized “choices” because she said sons. The only “Choice” the left wants is abortion.
    This woman is too evil and stupid to care how fathering a baby affects “sons”, except when it relates to those sons supporting the enfanticide of their own child.

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