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Vegan Food Company’s Stock Tanks, Trial With McDonald’s Flops

Blaze: It seems that consumers may have lost their appetite for the plant-based meat substitute company Beyond Meat. Its recent trial with McDonald’s has McFlopped, and future stock projections may leave investors feeling queasy.

Beyond Meat, which went public in 2019, has had yet another high-profile partnership yield disappointing results. The company signed a three-year global distribution agreement with fast-food giant McDonald’s back in 2021. McDonald’s then quickly added the “McPlant burger,” with a Beyond Meat vegan patty as its base ingredient, to its menu.

But customers didn’t bite, and many now project that most McDonald’s restaurants will soon stop offering it. According to JPMorgan Chase & Co. analyst Ken Goldman, who spoke with employees at 25 different McDonald’s locations, most stores cite poor sales as the reason for discontinuing the McPlant. more

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  1. When anyone tries to shove something down my throat I tell them to shove it up their ass. Case closed. Besides, Bill Gates is involved. Who the hell trusts Bill Gates anymore?

  2. Saxindacity,

    Well at least when the swarms of locust come, we won’t go hungry

  3. In their defense, they have it all over the future insect based food company on the horizon, Bug-er King (double entendre intended).

  4. Ha! When we had the shutdowns and people were panick buying, that was the only crap in the meat department that was untouched.

  5. Fake meat.
    Fake women.
    Fake men.
    Fake President.
    Fake Vice President.
    Fake FBI.
    Fake Judiciary.
    Fake Republicans.
    Fake Democrats.
    Fake energy sources.
    Fake cars.
    Fake schools.
    Fake libraries.
    Fake degrees.
    Fake crises.
    Fake churches.
    Fake preachers.
    Fake faith.
    Fake Pope.
    Fake media.
    Fake Academia.
    Fake entertainment.
    Fake actors.
    Fake weed.

    I don’t know – not a conspiracy theory, or anything – but I’m starting to see a pattern …

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  6. I went pescatarian a few years back for health reasons with an occasional cheat on meat. I think the Impossible Burger is pretty good as prepared at BK. Beyond Burger only works for me if doused in worchester and soy sauce. Pretty decent in cream of mushroom. Much healthier than a steady diet of beef. I’ve lost 35 lbs and feel great. Sometimes now real meat is weird tasting.

  7. They should have consulted me before they came out with that fake crap stuff. It’s the same as displaying a tranny on the cover of Playboy Magazine. How do morons stay in business? They’ll go broke watch and see.

  8. These supposed “healthier plant based” foods actually have as many, if not more, calories than real meat. Plus, the sodium levels are in the stratosphere, usually twice the amount. I think that I will stick with the real thing, thank you.

  9. If going vegan is such a superior lifestyle, then why do these vegan-ites feel the need to chop, process, add chemicals, cook, heat, and distort beyond all analysis the plants they want the rest of us to eat?

  10. First time I’ve seen the addition of the cat in the little girl thumbnail…… made me laugh out loud.


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