Vegan Food is Being Rejected at Grocery Stores

If You’re really worried about the China-Virus situation and the shortage of food, you wouldn’t be so picky. (This includes the vegans)

KFI| John and Ken Show:

Debra Mark and all the other vegans in the world, we have some good news for you!

Your vegan food is still in stock at the grocery stores.

Even in the middle of a global pandemic, shoppers aren’t desperate enough to buy vegan food.

John has warned everyone and has said it for years, you could not pay him to eat plant-based food. It doesn’t matter that everything else is sold out. People rather starve than make themselves suffer through bad food. read more

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  1. Which only goes to show folks like me weren’t exaggerating when we said, “I wouldn’t eat that shit if it was the only thing in the freaking grocery store!”

  2. I wash or discard (immediately) grocery packaging and raw food in Lysol or soap and water as it comes into the house. Just saying. reusable bags NOt in use here.

  3. I’m calling Sister Pelosi’s office immediately to demand she pass a law forcing people to buy vegan. We know what’s better for them.

  4. THEY SHOWED IT AGAIN on fox news!…A plastics manufacturer in Greeley Colorado has shifted to making medical face shields….so they have the CEO standing out front of his monolith company sign and what is in the background of the frame……What appears to be a cemetery…..LOL….Yeppers Linn Grove cemetery is right next door…..LOL…

  5. There are all sorts of fruits, vegetables, and grains that I really enjoy. Alongside my beef, pork, chicken, etc.

    It’s when the vegan vermin take vegetables and mangle them trying to make them into a “meat substitute” that things go really bad. It always turns out to be a noxious nauseating nasty concoction.

  6. I worked on a farm while in high school and college so I know what I am talking about.
    Don’t let any vegan snake-oil salesperson tell you otherwise – hundreds, if not thousands of animals are killed per acre in the production of all those non-meat products. Insects, worms, rodents, baby birds and fawns are killed by the insecticides, herbicides, planters and harvesters each growing season.

  7. I’m allergic to cow cheese (sad I know), and nightshades… so while I sometimes cheat (and pay the price), I depend on a few choice vegan alternatives to get my fix for sauce or creamy substances.

    Also, if you’re trying to lose weight but don’t want to cut out what you like to snack on… vegan alternatives CAN be pretty good (when it comes to chips, grain bars, or cookies).

    It isn’t all kale and wasabi with coconut oil.

  8. Nothing is touching our lips that hasn’t been cooked. Not because of the KungFlu, but because of any crud during flu season.

    We do eat fruits that can be washed with soap and then peeled.

  9. Give this pandemic a couple more months. Food will be so scarce they’ll be fighting over the last package of tofu and sprouts.


  10. I had to chuckle a bit when I went grocery shopping because all the shelves that were bare were mostly food I can’t eat since I’m gluten intolerant. People stood in line to get a chance to stroll down the bread aisle, but the gluten free bread shelves were well stocked, (not many people are willing to pay $6 to $9 for a loaf of bread, but I don’t have a choice). In the cereal aisle, the ONLY cereal left was marked “Gluten Free”, and there was plenty of it. I left with enough food to last me a few weeks, and most of it was the same food I normally buy.

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