Vegans Want You to Say Bringing Home the “Bagel” Instead of “Bacon”

There’s never a limit to how members of the left will attempt to change our culture to suit their own needs. For today’s example, we have Swansea University researcher Shareena Hamzah. Dr. Hamzah believes idioms that involve harm to, or slaughter of,  animals should be replaced by more vegan friendly terms. Here


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  1. “Bringing home the BAGEL” is a cultural appropriation of the worst order. That teacher must be hounded from her job for denying our jewish comrades that which is soley theirs ie: the bagel. Comrades call our Antifa Protective Squads to correct this failing.

    Funny thing about veggies is that few of them remain vegs for long. The need for meat has every gene screaming at the host for a burger or a steak. The strong ones always seem to manage to explain the year long break from being a veggies is quite alright and in no way diminishes their devotion to the lifestyle (cause surely).

  2. The war on idioms. Haha. Missed it by one letter. Stick it in your vernacular, sweet pants.

    In the mean time, fix me a bacon bagel and shut up. I know it’s a tough row to hoe, Ho.

  3. As one who has worked in the business dealing with vegans, I can safely say this doesn’t even skim the surface of the bizarre things I’ve heard over the years. I honestly had a client who was upset over the term “living high on the hog” because, well, it was offensive to her curly-tailed friends. Really, I only wish I had so little actual worry in my life that I could work myself into a lather over every little thing like this, but alas, I have to actually do productive things with my time.

  4. Phukkem. I don’t care what they eat. Not my concern. They have no business imposing their values upon me. Libs don’t like something? They don’t want anyone to have what they do not approve of. Conservatives simply buy, do, and eat whatever they want. Conservatives do not care how others ‘feel’ or think. Not our business. As for me? A pound of bacon on the BBQ every other day or so to repel Muslims.

  5. We need an idiom that refers to the harvesting of vegans, but grass fed vegans are unlikely to have any appeal

  6. Can we all agree that these native born foreigners are not in competition with the greatest generation, the Korean War generation, the Vietnam fighting generation, the Panama fighting generation, the desert storm generation, Iraqi freedom, and sumpin sumpin about Afghanistan (no disrespect intended or implied but I’ve lost track of what the military called our military labeled that theater).

  7. They can say whatever they want. I can respond with my middle digets pointed upward from my closed hand as usual.

  8. F-ing vegans are rather insensitive to Celiac’s suffering with that bagel crap.
    Don’t even think about touching Pandora’s box you dumbass vegan! You will be “MeToo-ed” into oblivion..On second thought, go ahead.
    I’m still Loving the fact that my food pisses on vegans food.

  9. Out: Bring home the bacon
    In: Bring home the bagels the venison

    Out: Let the cat out of the bag
    In: Spill the beans Exhibit the entrails

    Out: All your eggs in one basket
    In: All your berries porpoise testicles in one taco

    Out: Open a can of worms
    In: Open Pandora’s box the knacker’s midden

    Out: Flog a dead horse
    In: Feed a fed horse Reason with a Vegan

  10. Leftists. Bringing home the bullshit.

    Also, you really shouldn’t generalize people. There’s people who are telling you how to speak and think and what you can or can’t eat. Those are not vegan’s. Vegans just don’t eat meat or dairy. Those are agenda driven leftists. Who also have an ideological reason for eating a vegan diet.

    My wife is a vegan. Who wears leather pants in carries a .45. She will smoke a leftist if they threaten our kids. She will also shoot an animal if it came to survival. But she doesn’t eat meat or dairy for health reasons.

  11. Stupid vegans! You don’t “feed a Fed horse”. Over feeding leads to colic and or obstructions of the digestive track or bowel. Scones offer little to no nutritional value to birds. Some “animal friendly” group you ignants are.

  12. Don’t mistake ideological “vegans” for vegans who don’t eat meat or dairy for health reasons. My daughter doesn’t eat meat or dairy because he doesn’t like it. She doesn’t even understand any of the ideological leftism that those fucking idiots are spewing.

    But I got to say, by generalizing and denigrating a whole group a lot of you sound just as ignorant as the ideological vegans.

  13. This never gets the laughs it deserves, so I’ll repeat myself.
    If God didn’t want us to eat animals he wouldn’t made them out of food.
    Last time, I promise.

  14. @Mohammed’s pink swastika – I’m surprised by your comment, because it doesn’t match my own experience. Clearly, you have intimate and long-standing experience since your wife and daughter don’t eat meat or dairy and call themselves Vegan.

    My first wife and many of her friends ate no meat or dairy and they called themselves vegetarians. Some ate eggs and dairy, and they self-referred as ovo-lacto-vegetarians. Hearing them discuss things, they would refer to Vegans as not only vegetarian but also unwilling to use any product that involves a dead animal, e.g. leather.

    I suspect that many of the comments here disparaging Vegans were made by those with experiences more similar to my own than to yours. I do not mean in any way to dispute or disparage your point of view, but merely to point out that those you characterize as ignorant may simply have a different internalized definition of the word “Vegan” that includes the ideological aspects that your family do not share.

  15. May she be boiled in her own pudding and buried with a stake of holly through her heart!
    Bacon gave rise to Civilization itself.
    Did Homo Neanderthal have bacon? No.
    Homo Ergaster? I think not.
    Homo Sapiens? Bacon.
    I rest my case

  16. Uncle Al, vegans have been around from before Christ. I assure you that they wore leather. Vegetarians eat eggs and cheese. Vegans do not. Veganism is diet. Not an ideology.

  17. I’m from Georgia. And if there is only one thing that brings political foes together down here,… its pork! We will pass an amendment in the state, if necessary, to proclaim pork mandatory in all homes, if necessary, before we allow it to be replaced by bagels even if its only in language, by God almighty! In fact, I believe that this is exactly how the civil war started.

  18. Definition of ideology;
    “An ideology is a set of opinions or beliefs of a group or an individual. Very often ideology refers to a set of political beliefs or a set of ideas that characterize a particular culture.”
    Therefore, veganism is absolutely an ideology that defines a particular lifestyle choice. People should be able to choose a vegan or any other lifestyle.

    Marxists however, use any concept they think will establish control by forcing people to accept a restricted lifestyle through intimidated or coercion. A Vegan ideology fits the bill.

  19. I base my disparaging comments about vegans on real life experience.
    Through a couple of jobs,and a community I was unfortunate enough to have to spend time in, I was surrounded by these people.In my lifetime I have met more rabid vegans than I have rabid animals.

  20. So? I want vegans to stop making moronic public announcements like this one, but that’s not going to happen.
    Now I’m going to lay some strips of PORK BELLY on the cookie sheet and bake it until it’s nice & crumbly, and lay a couple over-mediums alongside.
    Not a speck of veggie shit to be seen.


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