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Epoch Times: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) has accused the humble cauliflower of representing “colonial” views and said she believes it should stop being planted in community gardens as part of her Green New Deal proposal to prevent what she calls “environmental catastrophe and [to] heal systemic inequality.”

“When someone says it is ‘too hard’ to do a green space that grows yucca instead of, I don’t know, maybe cauliflower or something, what you are doing is taking a colonial approach to environmentalism,” Ocasio-Cortez said in an Instagram video that has since been removed.


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  1. Community gardens are, by the nature of what they are, planted by the people of the community.

    So maybe they should quit planting what they want to plant and plant something more culturally representative of them?

  2. What is it with vacuous leftist women who’ve never turned a spade in their life, and their obsession with hokey political gardens? I hope PDT has turned that pathetic White House patch under.

  3. Occasional Cortex: “You don’t come into a community and impose what you think is right.”

    So the brain dead moron is saying you shouldn’t do the only thing that she and all Marxists/Democrats constantly do.

    A complete lack of self awareness is the defining characteristic of leftists.

  4. I’m guessing not every hispanic likes plantains and yucca.
    Why did she delete the video? Embarrassment?
    Ah, what am I saying. lol

  5. “Only things we can’t plant are sunflowers, corn , mint, and strawberries. Aside from that the world is our community garden.”

    Why not sunflowers, corn, mint and strawberries? Nevermind, I don’t need to know, Kommissar.

    And isn’t “the world is our community garden” pretty much colonialism in a nutshell?

  6. “It sure was nice having aoc visit our little garden…Hey, where did

    all of the cucumbers go?”

  7. Yeah, good idea!
    Plantains and yuccas in New York gardens!

    Gotta keep out them colonial cauliflowers, and stuff!

    Fuckin Jeen-yus!

    Any wonder why socialists are always having famines?

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. Give the dumb broad a break, she only feels important tellling others how to live.
    She suffers from single digit IQ.

  9. The only thing that the cauliflower and her sister cruciform vegetables colonize are cancer cells.

    By all means, let’s push back against oncophobia and celebrate genetic diversity as we liberate the vibrant neoplasmic community from the oppression of the cruciform vegetable

  10. You can’t make this stuff up.

    Down here in sub-tropical Florida agriculture is huge, we have truck farms. Next thing you know she’ll sic DOT and EPA on us because she’ll think we’re actually growing trucks.

  11. Hey, I think I just got ahead of the proggtard power curve (by about five minutes) and said something more ridiculous than what spews out of their mouths as gospel truth.

    It’s getting harder and harder to do, you know

  12. “Community gardens are, by the nature of what they are, planted by the people of the community.” – Anonymous

    Silly, *everyone* knows communities are a monolithic whole of a single mind, and that mind is determined by the bloc of elite who know *what’s best* for them! /s

  13. She’s the kind of Socialist that if they were the Komissar for State Agrikultur, she’d demand Palm trees be planted in Alaska, cactuses planted in Seattle and Louisiana, and maple trees planted in South Florida.

    All she’s good for is Soylent Green (now in new Bitter Flavour!)

  14. Plantains grow on a trees needing 12-15 months to produce fruit and therefore hardy and fruit producing only zones 8-11. That’s why they don’t grow them up north, not because “colonialism”. Cauliflower is a cool weather crop and more of a Mediterranean thing, but whatever. I was born of Italian and Scottish immigrants in MA but hate lobster and love pineapple. I’d die if I had to live on Scottish oatcakes and Haggis, how does this all work in her little mind?

  15. Some one planted this Nasty WEED of a congressperson in Washington and IT needs to be pulled or be dosed with roundup…soon.

  16. Todays American thinker has an article called AOC’s socialist cauliflower for brains by Monica Showalter which explains all this in detail. She’s so stupid that she probably think that brussel sprouts come from Brussels. I’m not a big cauliflower or brussel sprout fan, never have been and never will be, I will eat broccoli though. And besides they give me gas and really smelly farts.

  17. Didn’t understand a word she said. And why don’t she mow those Groucho Marx eyebrows. She should have compassion for the environment, think of the carbon emissions settling on that brush pile.

  18. Speaking of truck farms…
    I wanna see her go to Montana and ask them how the Dental Floss crop is doing this year…

  19. Yay for Frank Zappa. My grandparents had a truck farm in N. Idaho and they sure as heck didn’t raise trucks although my grandfather would’ve loved it especially if it was an International P/U truck.

  20. Sylvias in Harlem –


    Cauliflower? “She betta say nutin bout Okra….”

    Maybe while not on the menu here, I bet black folks LOVE cauliflower on Sunday with their roasts with GRAVY and BUTTER and SALT..

    She really does need to STFU.

  21. And who the hell eats Yucca?
    Yucca is a food source for hunter gatherers, not a crop.
    The stupid, it hurts.

  22. I stopped listening in the first few seconds after I heard her pronounce “important” as “impor’ant”. When I hear that I feel a brain aneurysm coming on.
    She be like impor’ant now.

  23. didn’t watch the whole thing, and haven’t read all the comments, but-

    she’s standing in a friction’ parking lot that has a couple of boxes of dirt.

  24. Love Cauliflower, have tried growing it several times over the years, no luck.
    Anytime I find a head for under $2, I buy them all.
    Pickled, best there is.
    I can grow some awesome collards, does that still make me racist?

  25. In a related story, AOC, in the interests of diversity, is determined to trade her menstrual cycle in for an Indian.

  26. Watch: in a few days, she’ll say she was just kidding.

    Didn’t watch the video – life is too short.

  27. F4U Corsair, you know who else drops t’s like that? Ilhan Omar. They do it when they want to be childlike and innocent, and to avoid criticism, similar to how Blasey Ford talked like a little girl during her testimony.

    I can’t stand that little Millennial t-dropping affectation. South Park spoofed it years ago in the “Plane’ arium” episode…

  28. MJA, I remember that big hit, “There Is A Rose In Spanish Harlem And The Kompost Kommissar Is Investigating”

  29. And that reminds me of another tune –

    Jimmy crack corn ‘n I don’t care
    Jimmy crack corn ‘n I don’t care

    AOC will be thrilled to hear crack can be made of corn now


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