Vehicle Slams Into Toll Booth Without Slowing Down – Odd Reaction By Everyone Who Witnesses It

This video is bizarre.

A Cadillac SUV comes flying into a toll booth on the Florida Turnpike and hits the sand barrels (or crumple zone.) This must have sounded like an explosion.

A passenger is immediately ejected and goes flying through the air. (I wouldn’t post this if the guy died. Miraculously he lived. All 5 passengers were released from the hospital with minor injuries.)

The car bursts into flames.

It should have caused pandemonium, but everyone just goes about their business. A toll collector even finishes giving a guy his change as he glances back to see what the ruckus was.

Another working crosses the lane and sees a guy face down, half on the curb, half on the road. He jumps for a nano-second, but doesn’t go to the guy. He just keeps walking by.

Is it the heat? Stupidity? I don’t get it.

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  1. In a remarkable 3,000,000,000 to 1 chance, every employee, including the guy paying at the toll, was named Scott Peterson, and they are ready to retire on full salary.

  2. Try and run through an expired E-PASS, they’ll track your license plate and a nice whopping fine will arrive in the mail.
    Human projectile? “Mofo didn’t need no change, so what I finna do ‘bout it”?

  3. Every one of those shithouse-sized toll booths gets a two ton a/c system? No wonder driving is so spendy nowadays.

  4. Nobody knows what to do, including the employees.

    I stopped at the scene of a single-vehicle accident a long time ago, a 15-passenger van with 10 people in it had a rear-tire blowout and rolled while going 70. Thousands of cars around as it was I-5 on Memorial Day. About 5 cars stopped to help – 3 with boy scouts (including mine), one with an off-duty EMT and another with 2 nurses. That was all. People who don’t know what to do don’t do anything.

  5. No one reacts to help – wow – heavily unionized work force I bet.

  6. ‘don’t get involved’ has been something that’s been drummed into us since I don’t know when … probably since lawyers have been ingraining themselves into normal every-day events (guessing around the time of mass-communication)
    now, w/ the internet, we watch this type of human misery as mere amusement

    there is not much humanity in humanity these days … never has been; not a big surprise

  7. Driver didn’t appear to brake before the collision. Texting?
    Weird, the booth employees remain unconcerned, almost like this sort of thing happens so often they don’t even notice it anymore.

  8. Sorry, but it is over my pay grade to get involved.
    I was so traumatized that I may need to apply for assistance.
    I can never work again. I can’t sleep, eat or have sex anymore.
    I’m a wreck (pun intended).

  9. Dude got out and walked away.
    Did you see the other 2-3-4 ??
    people who were exiting at the last 3 sec. ??
    Says alot about a Caddy SRX.

  10. Were there TWO bodies that became projectiles?

    It looked like one went flying past on the right side right before the hunk of metal?

  11. It seems we have become a callous society.
    I am truly shocked by the lack of any kind of care or desire to help an injured person.

  12. Actually I mostly blame lawyers, law suits, and the resulting company or department policies that forbid employees from being good Samaritans. The sue addicted culture.

    I worked in hospitals for three decades. Mostly in cardio labs. I recall two incidents.

    A visitor to the hospital had a heart attach waiting for the elevator. Some nurses from the cardio lab were there also waiting for the elevator when it happened. They were forbidden to help. Policy was they had to call for an ambulance paramedic team to come into the hospital to help him. And take him the 30 yards down the hall to the ER.

    Similar thing happened when an elderly man was knocked to the ground by the parking lot gate in the hospital parking lot, as hospital staff were coming and going at shift change. They could stay with the injured person, call for the ambulance, assure them help is on the way, but not touch them. They were also not allowed to give advice about what to do to someone who wasn’t an employee who wanted to help the injured person.

    I also recall a story that made national news a few years ago. Some guy was drowning several yards off shore. Police or maybe it was an EMT crew were there but they were prohibited by policy from rescuing someone in the water. They were told they had to wait for a rescue team trained to do water rescues, which would have insurance coverage if the department was sued. I think the man died before they arrived.

    Then there is this more recent story – guy tries to commit suicide by drowning himself, is rescued by police, and now he is suing them. .

  13. Well, really?
    Caddys don’t come with brakes?
    Why should anyone get upset when the dude did EXACTLY what he intended to do?
    Assuming he wasn’t driving with his eyes closed.

    I know I’m old, and all that shit, but back in driver’s ed we were taught to look in the direction the vehicle was moving. Outside of a sudden onset medical emergency, or massive mechanical failure, there’s no excuse.

    Glad everybody was OK.

    izlamo delenda est …

  14. The government will threaten to kill you and/or ruin your life over a $200 tax bill…..

    Just typical government employees doing their typical government job.


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