Venezuela’s president has given the country’s largest brewers an ultimatum to resume production or face a prison sentence for ‘sabotaging the country’.

The Drinks Business: The country’s largest brewer, Empresas Polar supplies 80% of the beer drunk in Venezuela, including the leading brand Polar Pilsen. Last month the company completely shut down production due to supply problems of its main raw materials.

President Nicolas Maduro has now threatened to take over the closed breweries, saying that the business owners risk being “put in handcuffs”.

He said he was also ordering action “to recover the production apparatus, which is being paralyzed by the bourgeoisie”.

Meanwhile, Polar said it could no longer access the US currency needed to import the malted barley for beer production, and had to close the last of its breweries. Access to foreign exchange is currently under the control of the country’s government.



h/t Ihatethemedia


  1. Ask your Bernie loving friend if they know what is happening in Venezuela.
    Or do they have their head up their ass?
    But if they say “Venezuela is just a bad example for Socialism,” you say “No. It is the absolute best example of Socialism. This is what Socialism looks like.”

  2. Let’s see Maduro make beer without the materials. Like the Israelites, Egyptians and bricks.

    Or the apocryphal story of the IRS taking over the brothel in Nevada and went broke trying to sell pussy and whiskey.

  3. Urine could pass for beer if they carbonate it. May be enough to make the people rise up and not take Maduro’s phony excuses anymore.

  4. Brewed at the point of a gun. Overseen by party hacks.
    I can only imagine how that piss is going to taste.

  5. “Mr President, our society is collapsing due to your incompetent government! The streets are devolving into chaos! We will have riots and maybe civil war!”

    “Everyone start drinking! That will calm them down!”

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