Venezuela Declares An Energy Emergency

Bernie Sanders doesn’t mention Venezuela much anymore.

“I declare an emergency situation in the oil industry by constitutional and presidential decree in order to take urgent and necessary measures to ensure the country’s energy security and protect the industry from imperialist aggression,” Maduro said. – OIL PRICE.COM

16 Comments on Venezuela Declares An Energy Emergency

  1. The first thing the dumbass needs to do is resign then kill himself. Venezuela was fine until the communist bastid screwed everything up.

  2. With stuff like this happening, I don’t know how anybody with two or more functioning brain cells can actually think Socialism is a good idea.

  3. @the dirtball February 24, 2020 at 1:23 pm

    > Last raping of the treasury before you get exiled to Cuba there Bus Driver?

    Fear not! concerned @dirtball. The bus driver will merely hold the door open. For a reasonable fee, of course. The ole in out, in out, bit of the ole ultra violence, will be done by more “European” participants.

  4. Like a glimpse into year 1 of the Sanders administration.

    The billionaires are hoarding oil to make us look bad! Seize their bank accounts.

  5. All the oil under their feet and no brains or capital to get it out.

    The Talent pool, tech skill and capital left. The socialists who preach from a pulpit do not know how to drill, pump, refine or even use the oil domestically.

    Pure proof that their oil being held off the world market IS NOT the problem it is that under heavy socialism no one is willing to work for free without some form of profit to move human endeavors forward.

    Embargoes have nothing to do with it but I’m Sure AOC will Flap her gums like the idiot she is.


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