Venezuela Declares Its Military ‘Fully Prepared’ for War with U.S.

Breitbart: Senior Venezuelan socialist official Diosdado Cabello claimed in an interview Sunday his country is “fully prepared” for a war with the United States.

Cabello, the leader of the regime’s illegal lawmaking body and a close ally of dictator Nicolás Maduro, claimed that the country’s Bolivarian National Armed Forces would remain loyal to Hugo Chávez’s socialist revolution should the U.S. or any other power try to topple the regime.

“The United States offers our military amnesty. If you rise up against Maduro, you will be forgiven. As if the military had something to be forgiven for. Is it wrong to love our country? To defend it?” he continued. “Our Armed Forces, I believe, are prepared to resist those attacks of the North American imperialism and of the European Union, because they have a great conscience.”

There is little evidence to support Cabello’s claims. Instead, countless reports detail the growing disaffection and dropout rates among troops, many whose salaries fail to cover basic living resources such as food and medicine. Some soldiers have tried to launch low-level coups and rebellions, although such efforts have so far proved unsuccessful.  more here

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  1. An army travels on it’s stomach, the old saying goes. Just what are you going to feed your army since you’ve already devoured every creature in the country including zoo animals, pets, and any denizen of the wild unfortunate enough to get too close. Even Norway rats are on the endangered species list down there. Best of luck!

  2. Mariana Atencio MSNBC
    Mariana_Atencio on Twitter
    “Diosdado Cabello, My President”
    “Diosdado Cabello, President of Venezuela”
    Venezuelan Mati Hari at NBC

  3. Really? I’m thinking there’d be so many white flags popping up that Venezuela would look like a Christo installation.

  4. Cabello, nobody wants your stinking country. Why would anybody want to spend money and lives for Venezuela when you and Maduro have turned it to shit.

  5. It’s a deceptive trick. Don’t fall for it. They’ll surrender the first day and expect us to rebuild their country.

  6. Military intervention would be a huge mistake. Sure, I feel bad that people are starving or that medical supplies are hard to get, but they voted this system in. Socialism is a disaster, and socialists everywhere would perversely welcome US military intervention because there would then be an external factor to blame for Venezuela’s failure.

    I wouldn’t even put economic sanctions in place – Venezuela will fail all by itself. Let it fail. Show the world, and many of our politicians and Hollywood bozos what socialism is really like.

  7. it turns out the so-called caravan is made up of terrorists, rapists, felons, murderers, MS 13, and AWOL Venezulan soldiers. Once the caravan nears our border the soldiers are gonna fight their way to the front of the line, killing everyone in their path until they finally reach our troops and partyhardy!

  8. After the party, the thousands of AWOL soldiers will load up with US weapons, food, medicine and go home for the revolution.

  9. Mebbe there should be an IOTW Bucks pool for how many hours it would take until the Venezuelan military surrendered. It sure didn’t take the Republican Guard long… 😀

  10. Topple the regime? What regime?
    The whole place, top to bottom, is a shambles.
    Keep your socialism. You can even have our leftists if you want them.
    Why would anyone invade a shithole like Venezuela?

  11. Wyatt — Great comment. I was curious about Venezuela’s natural resources and just a quick search revealed they are “awash” in a rich spectrum of minerals, oil and gas. According to one source their oil exports make up 12% of their GDP. As with the U.S. and many other countries, with the right kind of gov’t structure and leadership, it could be a much different picture for the people there. It’s a damn shame. And every time I read about these kinds of national situations — including our own when it was under obama (and states like ours under leftist rule)– I can’t help but think about the millions of people who will never have a “do over” to live their lives fully, the way God intended them to live. It’s unjust. And all because of a very small number of warped, damaged people.

    Sean Penn and his fellow travelers should be made to explain themselves, face-to-face, to some of those Venezuelan’s who put their babies to bed hungry and without a future there.

  12. They’re just hoping for the U.S. to come in and rebuild the place.
    No thanks guys… the democRATS already got our work cut out for us in San-Fransisco, Oakland, Fresno, Baltimore, Detroit, Memphis, Milwaukee, Chicago, etc…
    We don’t need a nuther Shit Hole to fix!

  13. We’ll call it the Briar Patch War.

    As in, Sho hope you don’t have no war with us easy pickens to save us from ourselves.

  14. The Army is pissed off, all the beautiful Venezuelan women have moved to Columbia. We need to send them some salt peter to help control their anger.


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