Venezuelans are so poor… – IOTW Report

Venezuelans are so poor…

How poor are they?

They’re giving away their kids.

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  1. Venezuela is having a fire sale for Bill Clinton, his buddy Jeff Epstein and a few federal judges. Soon you’ll be seeing Pleasure Island selling teenaged hookers on

  2. ….they have to fart to get a cent.

  3. But at least they have free health care and everyone is literate. Or is that Cuba? I sometimes forget which socialist paradise I’m talking about.

  4. Omelet, eggs.

    The secret issue has always been who gets the omelet, and who are the eggs.

  5. I picked one up on Ebay. Good price, slightly used.

  6. Vs are so poor that they marry for the rice.

    Sad but they elected Chavez. And after he put the wrecking ball to a resource rich country for years and then died, they elected Maduro, who promised to double down on the stupid. Now they’re eating pigeons and feral cats. You’d think the first time would have given most a cluebat.

    Kinda like here in ’12. I made life changing plans in ’11(like selling my house and using the proceeds to start a new business) assuming that the horrible record of Obama/Jarrett would preclude their reelection.

    Well we all know what happens when you assume.


    This go around, I wasn’t nearly as optimistic and hunkered down. Thank the Lord we had a brave man step up and articulate our hopes.

  7. Sonn they’ll be doing the jobs at Comet Ping Pong Pizza that Americans won’t do.

  8. Missing in all the news stories is the fact that socialism is what created this mess. But they do have free health care and edukashun.

  9. jus what I always wanted … a used spick …

    well, mayhap I cud git a 9 year-old girl … kinda old but I cud make do …

  10. Why aren’t all the celebrity supporters of Venezuelan socialist leaders being interviewed about the current state of Venezuela?

    They are getting a free pass when their collective noses should be rubbed in it until the see the light.

    A little de-legitimizing of them is in order.

    Seriously, Why isn’t Breitbart, or anyone for that matter, doing this?

  11. In Latin America, it is not uncommon for parents to give up a child to the extended family, the church, an NGO, or the state, when they feel unable or unwilling to care for it. It is not always a permanent situation. Parents will often ask for their child be returned when their situation improves.

    It is human nature to follow the leader that gives you stuff for “free”. We are certainly not immune to it here in the US. The fruits of populism are despotism and hardship, but it is a lesson quickly forgotten as soon as the next freebie is offered.

  12. Really now, where’s Sean Penn? It’s a wonder that he could tear himself away from Chavez’s casket. The drag marks from his fingernails couldn’t be buffed out from the coffin lid.

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