Ventura Not Getting a Dime From Kyle Family


The U.S. Supreme Court passed on reviewing the reversal of the “American Sniper” defamation lawsuit won by former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura against famed SEAL sniper Chris Kyle.  The 8th U.S Circuit Court of Appeals Court overturned the $1.8 million award to Ventura due to the Minnesota jury being prejudiced by Ventura’s lawyer during the 2014 trial.



17 Comments on Ventura Not Getting a Dime From Kyle Family

  1. Poor Bastard is going to have to get by on his talent. I wonder how long before he’s featured in a where are they, whatever happened to, story?

  2. I’m no lawyer, but what the hell does that last line mean: “The case could now return to Minnesota for a new trial”? You had your three bites at the apple and lost. Done. Go away and cry. Never bother the grieving widow again.

    BTW, just be proud of your service. You were not a SEAL. So what, UDT/Frogmen are awesome in their own right.

  3. I always thought Ventura was a massive prick for going after the Kyle family. If your beef is with Chris Kyle then that needs to be left alone on his death. A real man wouldn’t feel the need to vindicate himself by punishing a widow and her children.

  4. What is it with Minasoda, this shitpickel, Franken, that asshole with the pillow?
    Is it brain freeze or the lutefisk?

  5. I keep waiting for the REAL Seals to take this asswipe out back somewhere and mess him up reeeeeeal good! Come on, guys, get on the stick!! And use that stick well on Jesse!


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