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  1. Thanks MJA. With all the depressing news today this was welcome and REALLY FUNNY!

  2. I like beef and sea food better. I eat turkey deli sandwiches.
    But never dark meat. And of course Bacon.

  3. That reminds me of the story about the traveling salesman & the pig.

    A traveling salesman stopped at a farm hopping to make a sale.
    Being a remote area he was invited to eat dinner with the farmer, his wife, and their beautiful daughter.

    They sat down to eat dinner which was delicious country fare. But the salesman quickly noticed it wasn’t just the four of them. A pig was seated at the table with his own plate of food.

    The salesman said, the food is delicious, but I have to ask why do you have one of the farm animals seated at the table.

    Oh, says the farmer, he’s like one of the family. He once chased off some bad men who tried to molest our daughter. Another time he woke up the family in the middle of the night when the barn caught on fire.

    Oh I see, said the salesman. But why is he missing a leg? Did he lose it fighting off the bad men or lose it in the fire?

    Oh no, said the farmer, but you can’t eat a valuable animal like him all at once.

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