Verizon Scrambles to Unload HuffPost Amidst Huge Layoffs and Turmoil

BPL: The massive communications conglomerate, Verizon is reportedly scrambling to unload HuffPost, the liberal news entity that was once seen as being on the cutting edge of the digital news landscape before waning substantially in recent years.

AOL bought HuffPost back in 2011 for $315 million, and then Verizon gained control over the leftist news site after they acquired AOL in 2015 for a stunning $4.4 billion. They are now looking to dump it as the public grows weary of fake news, particularly the site’s biased and deceptive coverage against President Donald Trump. read more

14 Comments on Verizon Scrambles to Unload HuffPost Amidst Huge Layoffs and Turmoil

  1. This is chump change.
    Wait until people begin falling ill from the blanketing of 5G cell repeaters all over the country. That’s when the sh!t will get really real.


  2. Verizon has lots of other problems. It may have
    fixed some but about 10 years ago my tech saavy
    daughter switched her phone plan to cover Canada
    using her computer. When the deal was finished she
    took a screenshot of the timed and dated reciept
    that also confirmed it was immediately effective.
    A month later she got a bill for hundreds of dollars
    for Canada calls. She called V and complained requesting
    a correction and got an arrogant “we’s knows we’s right, our computers is down, but we knows we’s right”.
    She called back, got a super, sent the screenshot
    for proof and it was finally fixed.
    And that was the end of our dealings with V
    as we switched carriers ASAP.

  3. I use Verizon because it covers all the nooks and crannies I like to go.

    Hopefully, the map of the 2020 election looks like Verizon’s coverage map.

  4. One would think savvy investors would know that leftist media sites fail if they have to survive on their own. The first example was Air America, a radio channel that boasted the likes of Al Franken (pre-Senator) and Ron Reagan, Jr. as on-air personalities. Air America lasted a few years, and then imploded due to its inability to sustain itself financially. In some markets, Air America ratings were not measurable, and Arbitron could not determine if anyone was listening.

    Progressive media exists on platforms where subscribers pay a fee for numerous channels, and ratings do not matter as much. MSNBC and CNN exist on cable television where ratings don’t matter as much because these broadcasters earn most of their money from carriage fees instead of advertising. Sirius/XM radio does have progressive radio programming, but again the entire Sirius/XM platform is subscriber based and ratings are not important.

    The bottom line is that progressive outlets don’t generate the advertising revenue to sustain themselves. How investors can look at leftist media outlets like HuffPo and believe that these outlets add value to their company is beyond me.

  5. No one reads that garbage except 100k CNN viewers. Even then, if CNN wasn’t swamp paid, it’d be off the air.

    Why is pns and npr still broadcasting anti American crap??

  6. I suggest an online rumor assault commence claiming that HuffingPoo is being bought out the the Russians as a psyops platform to re-elect Trump. Maybe that asshat Schiff will believe it, repeat it on TV, and make a complete ass of himself… again.

  7. Answerman Cooper OCTOBER 22, 2019 AT 12:01 PM

    Believe Scott Adams already put that bid in a few days ago, as he is so loved by them.

  8. I saw the numbers for the networks nightly news recently. In spite of a growing population their total numbers are dropping too. Winning!


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