Vermont Bans Plastic Bags, Mandates Composting Instead of Throwing Out Food Scraps

Legal Insurrection: Back in 2012, Vermont passed a law that banned people from throwing out food scraps, forcing people to throw them in the compost.

That law went into effect on July 1 along with a statewide ban on plastic bags.

I use the compost and I only put in fruit, veggies, and eggshells. Vermont is requiring people to also throw in coffee grounds and tea bags along with “plate scraps:”

  • Bread
  • Meat
  • Dairy
  • Sweets
  • Sauces
  • Expired Food


34 Comments on Vermont Bans Plastic Bags, Mandates Composting Instead of Throwing Out Food Scraps

  1. I don’t compost: I bring my table scraps to my local farmer and feed them to his pigs.
    This year in VT the bears are coming around to people’s homes and are very bold. My boyfriend got charged by a young bear who had gone into the open garage looking for food. He made himself big and noisy and had a stick so the bear swerved and went into the woods and cut across the golf course.
    These liberals have to make laws about everything. Like, no idling permitted. They are such Karens.

  2. Oh boy! Enjoy the perfume of week old plate scrapings and peelings in your garage. Every HOA forbids the sight of trash & compost bins except on trash day.

    What are they going to do, send out a bureaucrat to inspect your trash for dish scrapings and peelings?

  3. If you don’t eat your meat, you can’t have any pudding. How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat?

  4. ^^^ Izzat a spooky prediction of a Biden win or whut?

    With all the lost tax revenue that everybody is facing it sounds to me like they’re trying to save money on garbage pick up and justifying it with some feel-good, Earth Day bullshit!

  5. What else would you expect from the peoples republic of Vermont. Wash. state is not far behind especially since we have idiots out here who think it’s environmentally responsible to compost human remains after you croak. Soylent green anyone!

  6. If the eco-wacko mob were actually serious about composting they would establish community compost lots in their own neighborhoods and volunteer there to handle everybody’s garbage and provide handy targets for the rest of us to drive by and throw rotten fruit at.

  7. I would bet that the state legislator vermin who passed this law would be appalled at the idea of personally handling a messy compost setup and they either toss it all in the trash bin or have an illegal alien servant do it, but I know I wouldn’t get any takers here!

  8. A Vermont legislator introduced a bill earlier this year that decriminalized street prostitution. I never did hear how that worked out.

  9. OMG! They expect people to take their slop to a compost site, it could be 10 miles away or more. Just think what your car would be like if you had to stop suddenly. I just can’t see people driving around with a bucket of slop and sour milk.

  10. @Brown Eyed Girl — Your comment made me realize that the only difference between street prostitutes and politicians is that you pay the politicians to NOT screw you but instead to screw somebody else for you.

  11. Fat and meat scraps in backyard garden compost is a problem.

    Grew up in Boston, MA. We had trash and a separate garbage pickup. You were expected to sort trash and organic table scraps, the latter was the ‘garbage’.

    There was a cylindrical concrete ‘pit’ in the ground, about 4ft deep, maybe 2 ft across, with a metal pail inside and a metal lid, outside near the back door. Everyone sorted table scraps from other trash. Everyone did. One day trash pick up, another day garbage pick up.

    Unions, politics, budget shortfalls, and the garbage pickup was eliminated. I remember my dad was so upset. We owned the three family ‘triple decker’ and he did not want ‘garbage’ stored in the trash cans in the basement until trash day because of smell and potential vermin attracted to the basement.

    This was the late 60’s, early 70’s. It was just something sensible you did in a large city with a ton of food waste. I do not remember, but I believe the garbage may have been incinerated, and with incinerators being deemed as bad….

  12. My husband grew up in St. Albans, Vt.
    We were up there last year for his brother’s funeral.
    As soon as you cross the border from NH to VT you can see the poverty. Outside of Stowe and a few well off towns the people are living in low standards.
    It’s amazing what people get used to. They can see their lower standard of living and yet they have continued to vote for socialists who drive them further into the poverty.

    Besides, this is just another unenforceable mandate.
    What are they going to do? Go house to house inspecting garbage disposals? Open up every bag of garbage?
    The town I live in has a few of these. No non organic fertilizers or insecticides for one.
    Liberals are control freaks.

  13. First, wouldn’t stuff decomposing in a compost emit the same methane that it would produce decomposing in a landfill? (and yes, meat and dairy ruin a good compost)

    Second, I thought we had to use plastic bags now because we’re bringing COVID in to the store in our reusable bags. These rules are so confusing!

  14. If I had a libtard neighbor I would purposely collect raw chicken scraps and pile them up against my property border with them. Thankfully, my neighbors are sane.
    When I was a kid we lived in the country. A developer bought the property against my parents and built a neighborhood. They built a huge house within 20 feet of the property line, directly behind our old shed were we worked on cars and stored our “stuff”. The idiot who bought it planted bamboo along the property line. It sent roots onto our property and took off like gangbusters. Every spring my dad would cut down all the new shoots and pile them up on our side of the fence. Rotting bamboo shoots smell just like rotting corpses. We didn’t care since that was a long way from our house. It was directly under their fancy patio/porch.

  15. If they had any sense at all, they would teach the public in quick burn, little smoke practices for yard waste, such as don’t try to burn wet leaves, never burn wet grass, and stoke, stoke, stoke. Plus, if incinerators can take care of Jimmy Hoffa, they can take care of meat scraps, bones and the like. Think cremation.

    Steel mills have cut emissions to near zero via systems on BOFs. Check out how many foreign countries, not China, are dealing with garbage. I lost the links to such when we got a new PC.

    Never put animal scraps in a composting pile. We actually have great luck with throwing our vegie scraps directly into our garden all year long. Worms like crazy. My dad did that and from 1945 until he died, we lived off our garden.

  16. If I lived in Vermont, my garbage would end up on the street in front of my local politician’s house.

  17. BTW, the best place to hone your shooting skills is at the city dump, shooting rats. There is obviously meat scraps there to nourish the varmints. Many, many free targets.

  18. Hold on a minute.
    Just because it’s liberal assholes pushing it, doesn’t make it a bad idea
    I’ve been composting for years, including meat, food scraps, and plate scraps.
    When farmers have a disease problem in their herd, their best and most economical way to dispose of the mortalities is to compost them.
    Nova Scotia is a fairly rural province, and they have had a very successful composting program with a total ban on organic matter going into the landfill since 1998.
    Each household has two bins to put their refuse into.
    One is for noncompostable material, and the other is a bin with a false bottom that allows wet material and juices to collect in the bottom where it eventually dries out.
    The compostable is picked up each week, and if there is any plastic or non compostable material in the bin, it stays there until the next week.
    Composting, when done properly produces very little smell, and very little methane, because it is an aerobic process that produces a nitrogen rich material by encouraging thermophilic bacteria to “chew up” the green material producing temps in the 150-180 degree range that sterilizes the compost, killing bad bacteria, and weed seeds.
    Composting is a good way to save on landfill space and produce a valuable product for farmers, landscapers, and gardeners.
    Liberals like it because, like everything else that they support, it makes them feel good.
    I like it because it makes good sense.
    Composting would be a lot more widespread except for the stranglehold the Mafia backed garbage companies have on the refuse industry.

  19. Vermont should change its motto to “Live enslaved and die of food poisoning.”

    There must not be any ‘gardeners’ in that State’s legislature. Because all gardeners know you NEVER add animal products to a compost pile.

  20. @HF: “…thermophilic bacteria to “chew up” the green material producing temps in the 150-180 degree range…”

    maybe the people in burlington can fill their basements with garbage and heat their houses for free.
    In Vermont here, and compost. Vegetarian, so no animal products involved. Works good. Pot plants love it. lol
    Do get bears here, usually at least once or twice a year. My dogs are outside right now, waiting for them.
    The Game Wardens will give out $500 fines for feeding bears, and I’ve seen instances where a birdfeeder was considered to be feeding bears, and fines were given. So that will lead to laws regulating how at home composting is to be done. Then they’ll set up fines and have inspectors. And this will probably be the first of a few record bear hunting years. But this will also make that go away.
    Sometimes it ain’t easy being in Vermont.

  21. It is possible to put pipes in the compost pile to get some amount of hot water from it.
    Many home composters don’t have a large enough pile (at least 1 cubic yard)or the right mixture of carbon to nitrogen ratio to sustain the thermophilic reaction needed to sterilize the material.
    Other requirements are maintaining the right moisture content, and keeping the pile aerated by some means, usually by rolling the pile over.
    University Of Maine has a world class compost school for those that are interested.

    This Handsome Farmer is a 1990s graduate.


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