Vermont Decrees Home Farming “Non Essential”, Forbids The Selling of Seeds…


Comrades, the administrative state will take care of all your food needs.  There is no reason to be self-sufficient in the production of food products.  As a result Vermont has designated the selling of seeds as “non-essential” and blocked from purchase:

It is more than a little alarming to see state officials now beginning to drill down into products that stores will be permitted to sell, or not sell, within businesses that are permitted to remain open during the COVID-19 mitigation effort.

Interestingly Vermont is the home state for Comrade Bernie Sanders; a candidate for the position of president, and is a self-described socialist with favorable opinion toward Comrade Fidel Castro of Cuba.  Amid all of the control efforts by various totalitarian state officials, this connection does not seem accidental.

Roping-off sections of products, and banning the sale of specific and designated products within businesses that are operating contingent to the approval of the state authority, takes the control function of government to an entirely new level.


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  1. If this was California, you could steal all the items that you need (as long as the total value is below $950) and not have to worry about that pesky sign. Guess the Lefties in VT are a little behind the curve on this one (but then again, not as many oppressed groups that would be in the know about this loophole in socialist shopping logic).

  2. Even the old Soviets were smart enough to allow “private plots”. For those who don’t know it was these tiny acres of capitalism that actually fed most of the USSR.
    This means that Vermot is led by very, very stupid people.


    The state’s directive requires that “large ‘big box’ retailers must”:

    Restrict access to non-essential goods. Stores must close aisles, close portions of the store, or remove items from the floor.
    Only offer non-essential items via online portals, telephone, delivery, or curbside pickup, to the extent possible.
    Except in the event of emergencies threatening the health and welfare of a customer, showrooms and garden sections of large home improvement centers should be closed.

    WCVB-TV reported that “according to the state, large retailers must cease in-person sales of items that include, but are not limited to: Arts and crafts, beauty supplies, carpet and flooring, clothing, consumer electronics, entertainment (books, music, movies), furniture, home and garden, jewelry, paint, photo services, sports equipment,” and toys.

  4. Come on now people!

    This is not the time to think about filling your bird feeders!

  5. WhoTF thinks up shit like this? No seeds for you?? Why in the world would anyone obey crap like that? You gonna do time for wanting a garden?

  6. Tractor Barn #2 is off limits to you, Komrade.

    Please stay on Yellow Brick Road per order of Beet Production Commissar.

  7. “… Soviets were smart enough to allow “private plots”.”

    Not between the ascent of Joe Stalin and his death in 1953.
    He starved some 30 Million to death (pale compared to the 100 Million starved to death by Mao, but pretty substantial, nonetheless).

    Even the Stalinists under Roosevelt had enough sense to encourage family vegetable gardens (though farmers had to pay taxes on the grain they grew to feed their own livestock – no kidding – you could look it up).

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. Now these are some real dumb shits. You would think that they would have the common sense to let the garden grow and then take the harvest for the common good of themselves.

  9. So we all are going to be forced to become Kulaks now because of some evil dumbass politician in Vermont and his ungodly and unconstitutional edict about buying and planting seeds to grow a garden. This is beyond ridiculous and will not end well. When garden seeds are outlawed only outlaws will have seeds but it’s perfectly acceptable to grow marijuana in a lot of states including Washington right now for your own personal use. These evil bastards learned nothing from what the Soviets did in mass starvation of the Ukrainian people and forcing collectivization of all farms in the Ukraine during the 1920’s and 30’s. God help us because the state sure as hell won’t.

  10. I remember in the late 1960s when I was stationed in San Antonio area and Sunday blue laws where stores were opened but items were covered up.

  11. Civil disobedience.
    Make a HUGE news story out of the fact that the Aparachtniks won’t allow citizens to plant gardens.
    “You must stay inside zee house, and komplete your coloring books!”

    Not that I would, but if I lived in Vermont, no seeds would lead to displaying a weapon. Put me on the front page! WTF!

  12. Before this “crisis”, or what ever it really is, is over, I predict that there will be some liberal elitist wannabe dictators who suffer violence against them (not that I endorse it). People were already very close to the breaking point before the virus situation began. I don’t think these tyrannical people know just how precarious their positions are at the moment.


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