Very Good Question–

Radio host, Chris Plante, just asked-

“Is today’s Democrat party closer in ideology to JFK or Lee Harvey Oswald?”

HA! I think we know the answer.

HT/ PHenry

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  1. Actually, they are closer to the ideology of Muhammad Atta than to Oswald. They wish death and destruction on those who they determine to be ‘unbelievers’ and ‘apostates’.

  2. Obama and Holder ran guns to Mexican drug cartels knowing full well that people would end up murdered. Their goal was to end our second amendment rights.
    If they’re willing to purposely get people killed of course they have no qualms about kicking people.
    Commies through and through.
    Just like Oswald. And Lenin and Castro, etc.

  3. Obama’s Presidential campaign started in the weather underground’s living room.
    CIA head John Brennan is an avowed communist.
    Leftists are assassins.
    Leftists want open borders
    Leftists assassinate police.
    Leftists oppose tax cuts and promote big government

    JFK wouldn’t even be welcome in today’s party.

  4. Wow beachmom!
    While your family has spent about $30,000 defending your son from false accusations of abuse and violations of visitations.
    Your not not really good at this, are you?

  5. For us to ever go back to what we were, holder would have to be sentenced for Treason. That it remains unlikely speaks to how much obama did succeed in ‘transforming’ this country.
    It will take a generation to flush out the unamerican shit that is in the heads of half the citizens. What they believe make sense only in their illogical heads and makes them very dangerous.

  6. WOW! I love it. We have finally arrived. What used to be “bipartisanship” “crossing the aisle” etc. has now become “The Red Line”.

  7. Lee Harvey Oswald was a communist and a well trained marksman.
    John Fitzgerald Kennedy was a Democrat and an easy target for a well trained communist marksman.

    JFK wouldn’t recognize the Democrat Party today. Oswald would feel right at home in today’s Democrat Party handing out Fair Play for Christine Blasey Ford pamphlets in the U.S. Senate offices and beating on the doors of the Supreme Court.

  8. moe tom,in my experience snorky is just an arrogant cretin that likes to insult people. So that is how I treat it from now on. I don’t know beachmom’s story, I don’t get to read or post as much these days.

  9. Chris Plante (ex-cnn journalist) has a great morning show on WMAL in DC swamp.
    The show has a podcast.
    Plante combines wit and snark effectively. The callers are educated and interesting.


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