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Very Interesting Article On Official Gov Site

From Udogu-

Where did this come from and how did it get there?

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  1. “Natural immunity is far superior to vaccine immunity and is most likely lifelong.”
    Obscure place for the truth.
    Russell L. Blaylock did not did mot suicide.

  2. This was on the website? They obviously posted it without reading it. That or they have a mole on their staff. Either way, it will soon disappear down the memory hole, along with Russell L. Blaylock.

  3. I’d buy him a beer just for posting it on the .gov site if he’d live that long to collect it. yuge balls. screenshots made and downloaded for proof it existed.

  4. The section on deadly batches was frightening. When discovered, the batches were not destroyed but broken up and scattered across many vaccination sites.

    In the deadly batches mortality approached 100%. If you got one of these shots, you died.

    Remember, autopsies were not performed, not allowed to be performed.

    This points to central planning and control.

    Download , save and print this article.

  5. In swamp the right hand doesn’t know what the other is doing, doesn’t even read what gets posted of course that’s why it’s the PUTRID SWAMP!!

  6. went to archive it, and it was last archived a week ago
    that tells me it has been out for a week and that it has, thus far, received no msm coverage.
    Did skim it. I’ll read it tomorrow- no way I’ll put all that in my heasd and go to sleep tonight.

  7. This is an unsolicited ad by me. I subscribe to Dr. Blaylock’s monthly news letter (newsmax dot com/ health). In it, he does the research with documentation on supplements that are effective in treating health problems. He does not promote any one brand of supplements. It is very informative and worth reading. With the subscription you can access all of his news letters (10+ years).


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