Very large man, David Bell, knocks out 12 yo girl outside an Asheville, NC mall

She got her Bell rung.

He, idiotically, got involved in behavior that’s best left alone and viewed from afar, especially if you cannot control yourself and end up knocking out children with 250 pound death blows to the face.

Now his life is altered.


Online jail records show that Bell is 6 foot 5 inches tall and weighs 250 pounds.

David Bell is a piano teacher in his hometown of Black Mountain, North Carolina.

The girl declined medical treatment and was not taken to the hospital…


A Black Mountain man is accused of pushing and punching a child under 12 years old in an incident that happened Saturday at the Asheville Mall.

Asheville police said a fight involving juveniles broke out at the mall that evening, and during the fight, David Steven Bell pushed a girl under 12 years of age, and then struck her.

An off-duty officer arrested Bell, 51, who is charged with one count of assault on a female under 12 and two counts of assault on a female.

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  1. Jungle boogie, yea, not so much. I feel so sorry for this guy. No matter the little bitches age she was on the prod.

  2. Holy crap, he drilled her! I wonder what caused that scene. If he is really 6’5”, he weighs more than 250.

  3. PS, This should fit into that old legal statute, you fuck with the bull, you get the horn.
    He was protecting his family from a real threat.

  4. Eight years of absolution of feral behavior courtesy of the racist in chief has come to this..,reminds me of the video of Red the lion surrounded by hyenas until his brother came to rescue him…to bad this guy didn’t have a brother.

  5. Poor little thing has just watched too many bs movies where women deliver the goods to men. Hopefully it’s lesson learned that women aren’t men & movies aren’t real life.

  6. That girl has known nothing but violence all her life. She will experience nothing but violence for the rest of her life, however long that might be. She is just another feral youth trained by her feral mother. She will always travel with a pack of feral girls like herself and violence will be her undoing. When she meets a violent end, her mother will be on TV screaming that she was a good girl with a bright future. The wheels on the bus go round and round.

  7. Easily the most lop sided Pokemon battle in history.

    Also, this kid could never survive a dance routine with Baloo the Bear from the Jungle Book.

    But lets be honest here. The man-giant has a left hook like a B-17. If you play the video at its slowest speed, you can actually hear 4 bomber engines droning as that left sails through the North Carolina evening air.

    Alas, I fear our gallant bomber pilot will be have to switch from teaching piano to moving them after this mission.

  8. Dude did did a pretty good job of dealing with a machine that can’t be bargained or reasoned with and doesn’t feel pity, remorse, or fear and won’t stop until you are dead. These BT 1100s are dangerous.

  9. Teenage girls are she devils. Even more now, since their crude behavior is not curbed. Doesn’t matter the color.
    Poor man was surrounded, the yapping and screeching was intimidating and he just wanted it to stop. The little brat helped that along by trying to shove the guy. He reacted accordingly.
    She needed to get smacked with reality, but the guy could have accidentally killed her. He should have just walked away and called the police.

  10. This reminds me that I need to order my shoulder rig.

    There’s more went on here. I can’t believe this guy just decided to wade into the middle of that for no good reason.

  11. When the chimps poke the gorilla they get what they have earned.

    I hope this guy does not see any jail time or he will very quickly find out that:

    A. prisoners HATE women beaters no matter the circumstances and will get revenge many times over for that one punch

    B. prisoners HATE child abusers no matter the circumstances and will get revenge many times over for that one incident

    C. even though he is 6’5″ and 250lbs he will find out that black men HATE white men who beat up on black women and or children and to his great misfortune he will find out the hard way that he is NOT the biggest, meanest, MoFo in the cellblock when a big-bad-bubba makes him his bitch and then takes HIS revenge daily as he rapes the white boys butt and hands out rape-favors to his crew.

    By the time this guy gets out of jail he will have multiple STD’s, be missing most of his teeth, have brain damage and broken bones from all the beatings and will probably have to wear depends for the rest of his life because he will never be able to hold in a turd again after the years of daily rapes by all those black-bulls just dying to pay back whitie.

  12. From yesterday’s Antifa thread:

    “As per Louis Lamour: A mob cannot stand against a Man. A Man will make the crowd back down. Nothing is more powerful than a man who knows he’s right and keeps coming.”

    But that’s predicated on the mob also knowing what is right. Stalinist postmodernism and public education killed that certainty for us some time ago.

    So today, a mob like Antifa or like this one is truly mindless, raging at whatever it’s told to. There’s nothing there for a man to appeal to, so a man unarmed or not violent himself has no chance against it. Case in point, this big music teacher.

  13. Several local media outlets and Social Media postings paint a different picture. Showing the laid out cold female minor was attacking another female with an object initially. Some say a knife some reports just say a comb or pointed object.

    OFF DUTY Police Officer Bell, who was the usual extra Mall Security for the Weekends. In the Video as shown on Social Media it can be seen, Bell was SURROUNDED by a group of kids and Teens of various ages (11-18?), all having a Gang style fight in the Mall.

    At one point, in the video a girl comes at Bell and he shoves her away. When the same girl approaches him again, he punches her in the face, knocking her to the ground.

    In this day and age of ambushing and killing Police Officers, Black kids being taught that Blacks assaulting Whites is cool eg. Polar Bear attacks are cool and video taped for U-tube and etc.

    In my case, after pushing the attacking brat away and her attacking a 2nd time I would knocked her to her feet also.
    because I have seen the collection box of weapons taken from Kids and Teens at 2 different major malls here in GA.

  14. 1. She charged at him and he had the right to defend himself.

    2. STAY AWAY from black drama, they will spit, provoke, shove, and sucker-punch, then who are your witnesses? NONE, they all side with each other.

    3. She declined medical treatment means she was faking it, and was not injured at all.

    Stay AWAY from those animals, they will fuck up your life and you’ll never work again.

  15. The video will save him, she was plainly the aggressor.
    Ashley, really, what happened to La-uh?
    De dash don’t beez silent.

  16. Back to DNA, genetics, and racial differences….. Generally, it seems the ones who breed most frequently in the black community have zero impulse control, no sense of long term reward/punishment.

    If it feels good today: do it, take it…… Never think about the ramifications of what might happen (for or against you) tomorrow.

    It’s a poor trait to have and it can be tested in children at a very early age: one cookie right now, or three cookies tomorrow. It’s a simple test and highly predictive.

    It is not a good genetic trait and, over the course of a life, can cost a person a lot.

    ……Lady in Red

  17. Udogu…. You are likely correct: she’ll be pregnant soon. Abortion, anyone? Does anyone think America needs more of these unfortunate creatures, that there will be a Mozart in the mix, soon? ….smile… …..that she should be paid to pop “drug money babies” as often as she can?

    They are non-contributing members of society and, frankly, we really can no longer afford to support them. The taxpayer money and milkshake tree is dying. ……Lady in Red

  18. I went to college near Asheville. 30 years ago, it was the greatest place in the world. Now it’s populated with libtard jerkasses, millennial jerkasses, and THESE kinda jerkasses. 🙄

    There must be a jerkass manual somewhere, that instructs them to go to the nicest places in the country, and screw them up. 😡

  19. My parents taught me to treat others with decency and respect.

    I’d love to know the full series of events that led up to this. I just doubt that this guy was walking around, itching for a fight with a group of kids.

    Whenever I sense any kind of mob mentality, I get the hell away from it. It doesn’t make any difference if you’re directly involved. Things can get out of control faster than you can react.

  20. Is it a Hate Crime yet? Has the DOJ flown in a team of lawyers? I bet The Root is just shitting itself about Knockout Ned. Steve Sailer, here’s your Great White Defendant.

  21. NOTICE——-


  22. @steve jackson . THIS IS NOT FUCKING GEORGIA FUCKFACE yall white people get on my fucking nerves yu dont know shit dont speak on it (.)


  23. Yes. We should encourage her to kill her chillens.
    We should encourage ALL negroes to kill their chillens.
    By all means!
    And mexicans, and izlamists, and … who else? … indians and chinks, for sure.

    Thank you LIR – you state the case perfectly!

  24. No, no, no SD&H! No! The little blooming mother monster should *never* “kill her chillens!” She should have a least a dozen of ’em!

    I was simply alerting us all to the fact that it is becoming more and more expensive for society to support her “chillens” in direct costs, required special educational services, medical care, and, probably, prison, as well.

    Thus, we should be thinking about increasing all of our taxes to continue to be able to afford the luxury of watching the little dears blossom from cutsie little fetuses to full grown felons. That was all. You misunderstood me.
    …..Lady in Red

  25. They’re trolling in hot here, Lady in Red. This is a BFD to black NPCs, because it is so freakishly rare. The media NPCs are going to ask Trump about it within 24 hours. And a Time Magazine cover is not out of the question.

  26. She forgot the law of the jungle, yo skanky friends are not going to defend you. Glad she got her mouth shut, next time she will learn.

  27. Actually for me, it was a fell good moment to see that chimp get decked. she pushed the wrong guys buttons and she paid the price…he is too sadly. I bet that chimp won’t be messing with anyone bigger than her in the future. It was worth watching, I gave it a thumbs up on Youtube, I hope young people watch it and take note.

  28. An off-duty officer arrested Bell, 51, who is charged with one count of assault on a female under 12 and two counts of assault on a female.


  29. He was charged with Two counts of assault on a FEMALE? Why is assault on a female any different than assault on a male? What happened to equality?

  30. True story, one that my Dad will swear to, to this very day.

    At one point in his career he worked in kind of a home health department back in Illinois. This would be the early ’80s when anything close to actual welfare reform, especially in that benighted state, was unheard of and unthinkable (as Cook Co. went, so went the unwilling rest of the state).

    Dad was in an office next to a supervisor of some kind who had three generations of black women – grandma, mom and about to be teen daughter – sitting in front of her. All three were welfare cases. Mom and grandma were discussing the teen and agreed (he says this is the exact quote) “It’s time she starts her breedin’.” The leftist math is so simple enough that even the uneducated can do it: more babies = more money. It was true then, I expect it’s still true.

    Keep in mind this was in deep southern rural Illinois, Shawnee National Forest and nothing else to speak of. There were few blacks there, still aren’t many, but lots of whites were of the same mindset. I personally knew two rather cute twins a few years behind me in H.S. whose career path was to have babies and move into the (then) nice new brick housing units at the top of my road. And that’s exactly what at least one of them did.

    Illinois is ruined forever. Nothing short of a revolution, mass plague or zombie apocalypse would ever come close to saving it.

  31. Wow! And look how her friends ran. Such loyalty. Didn’t even bother to drag the bitch away like in the caveman days.

    They touched him first.
    Does she take some responsibility for coming back after he pushed her away?
    Because when she came back, her shoulder went up as if she was going to punch him.

    These bitches are no different from antifa.

  32. @99th Squad Leader January 14, 2019 at 3:29 am

    > She needed to get smacked with reality, but the guy could have accidentally killed her. He should have just walked away and called the police.

    Swing… and a miss. The “off duty” apparatchik, who made an armed attack, needs to be placed permanently “off duty.” By the proles. For the public’s safety. And if his little glets happen to be in the vicinity… that’s the game he chooses to play.

  33. @cslamer January 14, 2019 at 5:17 am

    That almost sounds like, someone, might think such camps were The Party’s plan.

  34. “All of you RACIST Hatemongers are going to HELL! That’s where you belong!”

    Yes, The Root Patrol is out in force today. Have fun, ladies. You’ll probably never see anything like this again in your bitter, shriveled lives.

  35. Collette Smith isn’t very bright. Must have missed the entire video of a black girl being racist.

    “@steve jackson . THIS IS NOT FUCKING GEORGIA FUCKFACE yall white people get on my fucking nerves yu dont know shit dont speak on it (.) ”

    Oh. My. Lanta! Was that YOU getting knocked out?
    jasmine coles, where is your grammar? Your reading comprehension?!
    Eh. You’ll probably finish high school in jail. Carry on.

  36. Yeah…the guy was big…so he should be totally fine with being surrounded by irate animals who keep moving in on him when he turns to face someone else. Any one of them might have had a weapon. Seems to me like the “little girl” got exactly what she was begging for. If you don’t want a punch in the face…don’t repeatedly leave your mob to charge at someone.

  37. 05secs.. he’s shoved in the back, possibly by the same one he knocked out… you didn’t catch it? i didn’t either at first.

  38. @Lady in Red January 14, 2019 at 9:20 am

    “Thus, we should be thinking about increasing all of our taxes to continue to be able to afford the luxury of watching the little dears blossom from cutsie little fetuses to full grown felons.”


    “Free abortions, for all.”

    Lord Hobson, I didn’t know you’d “transitioned.”

  39. Just a reaction to something coming at him in a near-riot situation; many of us would have reacted in self-defense and been sorry about it, later, But she was on him fast and could have had a sharp weapon.
    Looked like she was asking for what she got, yet it was still unexpected.

  40. We will never know the answer to this, and it’s possible she’s just an ignorant feral and it doesn’t apply, but I have to wonder: at some point did it go through her mind that this man was not allowed to retaliate against her because she’s female/black/minor? Was she banking on him being powerless no matter what she did? I have to wonder.

  41. Why did ‘jasmine coles’ doxx the woman in the video? That was dumb.
    This is the problem with morons like her. They say and do things before thinking about consequences.


  42. @twohawk January 14, 2019 at 11:06 am

    > Is it just me, or, is this video strangely satisfying?

    No. It’s just you, @twohawk. Really. Not me.
    (Can somebody’s sock pass this along to Lord Zuck?)

  43. He had plenty of opportunity to walk away. He pushes her, then she comes back, and he punches her in the face…? Wow. Have fun dealing with a little thing called consequences, dude.

    His life is ruined, and…yeah, he deserves all the punishment coming his way.

  44. First of all someone clearly put their hands on him first when he was turned the other way. Then the girl made gestures to attack him. How many adults get attacked by ‘kids’ in flash mobs or the knock out game in big cities across America. Why weren’t any other adults trying to get this under control?
    This is what happens when kids grow up without parental supervision in single family homes. What happened to respecting your elders, calling adults Mr./Mrs. and respecting authority.

  45. Don’t know what was happening, but it looked like the little snot was an instigator. Nevertheless, he should never have hit her. Period.

  46. Clear Eyed- Only, I do believe they would have followed him and attacked him from behind. They seemed to have been touching him before the fight started.

  47. Blacks hunting polar bears/playing knockout: not newsworthy.

    Whites retaliating in a near riot: destroy the racists.

    These aren’t socks here today, they’re leftist concern trolls. Are they always lurking here but not posting, or is Fur good at nuking them when they do post so we never see them?

  48. A big mossback found himself in the middle of a chimp out and reacted instinctively. A good man’s life ruined because some welfare bich was too stupid to raise her chile right.

  49. So apparently you can come back, “sign in” again with a different name, and post as if you’re a different person? Testing this out, kind of curious.

    Based on the comments here, it seems the trolls took over the page.

    To *sane* people reading the comment:. The race of these kids does not matter. The girl could have been killed, getting hit like that. This “man” behaved like an idiot, and deserves a serious punishment. And maybe I’m old fashioned, but men decking women and little girls like this is never okay, and will never be a good look. Only people who are going to pat this guy on the back IRL are the clueless jackasses on planet Earth, of which there are always a few.

  50. Clear Eyed- No, we will always know who is commenting. lol.
    He’s getting a misdemeanor. Go check out what the little 12 year old girl did before she got in his view. No, it’s not a good look for the big dude, but that doesn’t excuse the girl’s actions.

  51. The girl should have learned something from the Travis the Chimp incident. When he went ape shit on someone, he was eventually shot dead. Travis’s owner forgot that he was a wild animal and she let her guard down. She is dead now and her friend had her face ripped off. Never, ever trust kids who have been raised to think the way this girl and her friends think. Always be on guard and be prepared to deal with what they have been taught to do. They act like packs of hyenas because that is what they are taught to do. They are feral animals and not to be trusted.

  52. Anonymous
    JANUARY 14, 2019 AT 11:11 AM

    What planet are you from? Will attempt to translate that jibberish.
    BTW, to reiterate, the guy’s reaction will cost him, but that thug female got what she asked for and deserved – a smackdown.

  53. When she came back at him, I’d have liked to see him shove her again, into one of her stupid friends instead of hitting her. Buy one get one. lol
    What’s up with that mall, anyway? Always in the news. Maybe they should open a police station at both ends of the mall.

  54. “… for society to support her “chillens” in direct costs, required special educational services, medical care, and, probably, prison, as well.”

    We are under no moral obligation to pay these support costs.
    We have accepted these costs through our submission to the socialist mindset (and the disingenuous-ness of our political class who profit from the scams), not through any Constitutional directive.

    Felons should be executed – not coddled.
    If they prove un-educable they should be trained in the manual arts (picking beans and cotton, hoeing dirt, carrying bricks, breaking stone, etc.).
    As for medical care, it should be commensurate with their value to society – an occasional aspirin, for instance.

  55. @Texan Forever January 14, 2019 at 12:07 pm

    > A good man’s life ruined because some welfare bich was too stupid to raise her chile right.

    No. Not in the same state. Not even on the same planet.

    Some man (I don’t know him, so I can’t say “good”) will be ruined by the people you pay (and their xistresses, life partners, and multi-generation families) to rule you. It’s on you.


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