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Victoria Bissell Brown Should Have Stayed Victoria Bissell – Because She Sucks

My God, this bint should thank her lucky stars that some dude has committed to go winging through time with this downer.

Is she kidding me with this idiotic rant?


Thanks for not raping us, all you ‘good men.’ But it’s not enough.

I yelled at my husband last night. Not pick-up-your-socks yell. Not how-could-you-ignore-that-red-light yell. This was real yelling. This was 30 minutes of from-the-gut yelling. Triggered by a small, thoughtless, dismissive, annoyed, patronizing comment. Really small. A micro-wave that triggered a hurricane. I blew. Hard and fast.

My husband of 50 years… took it dead seriously. He did not defend his remark, he did not defend men. He sat, hunched and hurt, and he listened.

So, this guy’s got nothing going for him, I suppose.

There is no way in the world I would put up with what she is describing and sit hunched and hurt.

HUNCHED AND HURT!! lolololol  For 30 minutes!!

At minute three she’d be outside, awaiting the Uber driver I called with the directive to deliver her to a hospital.

And no, this does not make me a misogynist. This makes me someone who has self-worth. You have one ride on this planet, and there is no reason to spend it with an angry, homely, unreasonable shrew.

I said the meanest thing I’ve ever said to him: Don’t you dare sit there and sympathetically promise to change. Don’t say you will stop yourself before you blurt out some impatient, annoyed, controlling remark. No, I said, you can’t change. You are unable to change. You don’t have the skills and you won’t do it. You, I said, are one of the good men. You respect women, you believe in women, you like women, you don’t hit women or rape women or in any way abuse women. You have applauded and funded feminism for a half-century. You are one of the good men. And you cannot change. You can listen all you want, but that will not create one iota of change.

So STFU!!!!!!!!

Seriously, what is the point? Do you think you’ve been put on earth to make some guy, one who’s been told he can never change even if he wanted to, miserable?

This is much worse than anything you claim a man does to a woman.

The gender war that has broken out in this country is flooding all our houses. It’s rising on the torrent of memories that every woman has. Those memories have come loose from the attic and the basement where we’ve stashed them. They are floating all around us and there is no place left to store them out of sight. Not just memories of sexual abuse. Memories of being dismissed, disdained, distrusted. Memories of having to endure put-downs at the office, catcalls in the parking lot, barked orders at a dinner party. And, for some reason, the most chilling memory of all, the one Christine Blasey Ford called up and that we all recognized: the laughter. The laughter of men who are bonding with each other by mocking us. When Ford testified under oath that the laughter is the sharpest memory of her high school assault, every woman within the sound of her voice could hear that laughter, had heard that laughter, somewhere, somehow.

Hate to break it to ya, crazy lady, but this essay is a laugh riot. Can you hear the laughter?

71 Comments on Victoria Bissell Brown Should Have Stayed Victoria Bissell – Because She Sucks

  1. She can’t POSSIBLY be good enough to put up with that.

  2. I’m not laughing at a man who takes this sort of abuse 😝. This woman is an abuser. And this man is a girly-man (as Arnold would say)!
    Keep pushing his buttons this hard on a daily basis and she may have a murderer-man! I mean after 50 years of marriage to this donkey what other choice does he have?!Except RUN!!!

  3. Gee… I wonder which gender studies/anarchist professor taught her all of this goodness and enlightenment that Mrs Bissel (Brown) seems to enjoy dunking her poor henpecked husband in.
    I have so many questions.

    When did she snap?
    Has she always been a sociopath?
    Was it one too many feminist retreats and book club meetings?
    Is her husband incredibly ugly and short? Why couldn’t he have done better than her?
    Is he being held captive against his will? Does she have any male children (If any at all?)
    Would she shove a male of any age into the way of an oncoming train it she felt it would reduce rape percentages?
    Did she sip any water or beverage during her tirade against the male sex? (30 minutes is a long time to yell.)
    Does she take any medication for her paranoia?
    What happened to her face?
    Why is it sunken in like That?

  4. Bet she shag’s like a caged wolverine! Sorry all, my boarding ticket was just called, lucky me, I’ve been seated next to Whitney Houston. Take that you’ sick bitches,,,

  5. As good looking as she is I can see why someone would put up with 30 minutes of screaming.

  6. I listened to this shit on Rush today, At age 77 I would have dropped kicked the old bitch right out the damn door. Are you fucking kidding me?
    My wife of 54 years said a lot of shit to me over the years, but nothing like that.

  7. Her husband may have been sitting hunched over, and maybe even feeling hurt, but I don’t think he was listening. I’m betting he was pondering the choice of a good location to dump a dead body.

    At least I would have been.

  8. College indoctrinated idiot with stupid Facebook. What’s with the hair?

  9. “…Triggered by a small, thoughtless, dismissive, annoyed, patronizing comment…”

    He must have told her to calm down.

    Women who need to calm down hate being told that.

  10. moe tom – really? you have to go there? Guess you forgot Live PD,norcan thingy,, s02e20, Huh, outside Obama’s Convenience STORE,,Nor would I

  11. Some ignorant people say men who drive fast cars and shoot guns have a short penis.
    I think men who put up with abuse from a harridan, have a short penis.
    Pretty sure male feminists can’t write their name in the snow.

  12. And I still love Mrs Moe, even though she still barks at me for scratching my balls, farting, picking my nose, and the toilet seat thing. Mrs. Moe is much better looking than that bint., The guy must be an asshole!

  13. VietVet regards, those kinds of dumps are ALWAYS ARE THE BEST TO TAKE!

  14. Snorky1 You a asshole. You been in prison ever?
    GFY. Go to fuck away from here.

  15. Did anybody get the plate on the truck that ran over the poor thing.

  16. His gun needs to have an accidental discharge. And I think that’s a dude.

  17. “The torrent of memories that every woman has…” Um…as a woman…all I can say is no. Just, no. What the hell is she talking about?

    That poor, old miserable dried up man hating hag has prolly had to swap out the teeth in her vagina for dentures and it is making her a bit snappy.

  18. Nah, he sat there hunched and silent because he had become hard of hearing and was waiting for the second scoop of ice cream on his slice of apple pie. He wasn’t worried about the sex getting cut off because he was always a fan of Mary Ann on Gilligans island and had just re-newed his Hulu subscription…..

  19. Moe tom, nope, You seem to speak of wonderment about it, WTF? I have never dis-respected you!

  20. Funny, Snorky sounds a lot like LocoBlanco. Who has been mysteriously absent. Same old shit. Only the flies have changed.

  21. Says Anonymous, the cowardliness basement dweller, Loco at least has and defends his Words!

  22. *** Who has been mysteriously absent. ***

    Well now….that’s rich. Coming from someone that wont pick a name, and won’t stick with it.

    There’s never an ‘anonymous’ that mysteriously disappears. Too many of them. They’re always here…

  23. Starting to sound like a gay love thing going on here.

  24. Anonymous, so right,,shame is IOTW does not have the ability to limit the mentally ill as delusional as yourself. Or requiring an age limit,,When was the first time Daddy ‘Bitch Slapped you?’

  25. moe tom – apologizes, even not sure why, but I have never attacked you or told you to f’OFF. That prison thing, fortunately never happened to me. Spent a night a night once, lucky was just a night.

  26. hey fur, HEY FUR! Your little hooligans first say derogatory shit about my mother. That’s cool. Nobody got it. I gave that weak cock sucker plenty of time to apologize. He never did it. I would have. I’m satisfied, I know the character involved. And believe me I wouldn’t be writing this except now some cowardly piece of shit is impugning Moe Toms wife. Really. A 70 plus year old couple. Their fucking cowards. I really don’t want them on my side. They’re fucking trash. What say you BFH? I expect an answer. Particularly how hesitant and worried you were to have Arron rejoin this group Still got the emails. I’d a shut up and gone away, but some dumb little cunt attacking the wife of 70 plus year old guys a little over the FUCKING line.

  27. My guess is he’s a lot older than her, so probably half dead and was sitting hunched over and hurting because he’s deaf and half dead.

    I cannot tell a lie and say I’ve never screamed at my husband, can’t honestly say he’s never screamed back either, but I sure as hell have never screamed at him because I hate men.

  28. You can through that cock sucker 45 70 in the mix too. No respect. you need to get fucking control of the disrespect. Puberty is a bitch I guess.

  29. moe tom – after looking over this thread just been a mis-unstanding. One on my part.

  30. Interesting, where are the God Damn ass holes now?

  31. Old Racist White Woman – Wow U hate men! Bad_Brad wants to kill his his Motherfucker! Did Trump sanction this deal? You too 2 are a match in Heaven! Go for it!

  32. SNorky1, you’re a dumbass.

  33. Snorky1
    Is stuttering. I don’t blame him. He thought he was cool, now he realizes he’s just a piece of shit loser. When you grow up, I’ll explain it to you.

  34. Brad, obviously he’s never heard the sound of leather clearing belt loops.

  35. Old Racist White Woman -Thanks, what a great complainant , I think , Do you owe Guns?

  36. Old Racist White Woman

    For your benefit, ignore the assholes. Nobody deserves being insulted like that. Pretty sure they are really Antifa.

  37. Nah, Bad_Brad, just have never gone as bat shit crazy as you have. Always thought of you as being rational as well

  38. Why come here and insult the readers? Gotta be Libtards.

  39. Old Racist White Woman, yep just ignore for your future as Bonny Parker did

  40. Snorky1

    Please review. My postings, while maybe driving the weak minded nuts, where intended for one reason. Giving what’s his name a chance to man up and do the right thing. He never did. I would have. Done it here before. So I did my do diligence. He failed the test. My test. So there you go. What’s your excuse runt. You just insulted an older guys wife I hold in high esteem. Your a piece of shit. Fuck off. Dirt bags are taking a toll on this place.

  41. Bad_Brad WTF happened to you? Honestly! You have lost your F’ Lucid Mind!
    Friends want to Know!

  42. Snorky1

    Did you just not insult Tommy and his bride? Yes you did. Did you not just insult Old Racist White Woman? Yes you did. Are you a moron piece of shit? Yes you are. Grow up bitch.

  43. OK, His name is Joe Wickers! Forget this place! It’s obviously about yours! I can can track him down and shoot him in the face twice with a 10 gauge, Your cost would be, will supply the shells? Makes all the difference for a cheap F’ like you,,

  44. Sounds like the Tequila is taking it’s toll

  45. Bad_Brad , nope just documented you warming up with a traffic cone, before the EMS crew showed up to witness your early morning fire hydrant routine..

  46. I expect that this bitch ran her editorial by her husband before publishing it. If he acquiested to this then screw him when his friends and acquaintances look at him with pity and begin to drift away. I wonder what hideous piece of crap the wifey will write as a eulogy when she comes home and finds he’s hung himself in the laundry.

  47. ..Paging Mr Fur… please respond to this messy thread. We’ve got literal death threats going on now.

  48. Feminism is cancer. It’s man hating which I’ve never understood. I love men!! I love my husband of 21 years with more passion today than on our wedding day. Scrunts like this are mentally ill, jealous, petty, self loathing and dangerous. Blech!!

  49. Funny how she can say any kind of hurtful thing that crosses her consciousness, but he can be chastised for uttering some “micro-wave” of a “thoughtless” comment.

    I wonder if the dichotomy ever crossed her “mind?”
    Probably not.
    Poor dude’s probably sittin there thinking: “Got to get some 2-stroke oil for the chainsaw – may need it tonight.” Waiting for her psychotic outburst to fade so she can make him a sammich.

    “Rule of Thumb.”

    izlamo delenda est …

  50. Imagine her wrath if he left the toilet seat up. I’d like to say the sex must be really good for his to put up with her but then you posted a picture of the harpy.

  51. WOW! a really messy thread. Some of the posts are impossible to understand and some of them took off like a fookin rocket. If I believe someone is trolling, I simply ignore them. If I believe someone is being sarcastic, I give them a thumbs up. If a poster posts something that makes little or no sense, I sometimes respond, Huh?……. But this whole, having a few drinks and breaking internet bad is pretty silly. I hope you all feel better today.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  52. “You have one ride on this planet, and there is no reason to spend it with an angry, homely, unreasonable shrew.”

    Fur, that is the best thing you have ever written — ever.

    If I were her husband, I would be mortified that my wife just broadcast to the whole world that I’m an emasculated eunuch.

    What a vicious, self-centered shrew.

  53. After 50 years of marriage to this harpy, what’s left of his testicles could be shot through a BB gun.
    Horseshit trampled underfoot has more self-esteem than this poor slob.

  54. Interesting to see how/where this thread has gone.

    I just want to know what the husband said to her, so I can use it later.
    She’s one of them hormonal robots I got yelled at for commenting about, many years ago.
    This stuff ain’t new.

  55. Every time I try to break up a dogfight I always wind up getting bitten, but here goes anyway:

    @Moe tom, Bad_Brad, et al: I’m thinking this brouhaha (love that word!) is all a big misunderstanding. Here’s why: Moe tom said (in part): “And I still love Mrs. Moe…Mrs. Moe is much better looking than that bint. The guy must be an asshole!” Snorky1 replied, “She speaks as well of you!” Now this reply is awkward, because it can easily be taken to be referring to the “asshole” comment. However, I think it really referenced the part before that. In other words, I think Snorky1 was actually trying to compliment Moe tom, but he didn’t make that clear enough. I base that on the fact that Snorky1 seemed genuinely confused when Moe tom came back at him with anger, even to the point of apologizing even though he says he’s not sure why he needs to.

    Anyway, that’s my opinion (for what it’s worth), and if I’m correct maybe it will help defuse the situation.

  56. Vietvet, I had no dog in the stuff with MoeTom or Brad, yet this Snorky character tries to bring me into it.
    Personally I think he’s an asshole troll. Because I insinuate I don’t hate men, he says I hate men and something about Brad and Trump and that we’re a match made in heaven.

    Here’s my comment:
    My guess is he’s a lot older than her, so probably half dead and was sitting hunched over and hurting because he’s deaf and half dead.

    I cannot tell a lie and say I’ve never screamed at my husband, can’t honestly say he’s never screamed back either, but I sure as hell have never screamed at him because I hate men.

    Here’s his comment to me:
    Old Racist White Woman – Wow U hate men! Bad_Brad wants to kill his his Motherfucker! Did Trump sanction this deal? You too 2 are a match in Heaven! Go for it!

  57. To Snorky I’m not real sure what guns and leather aka belt has to do with each other. The sound of leather clearing belt loop is what kids in my day heard about the time our Dad’s were ready to tan our hides. Back when kids respected their elders and didn’t act like hoodlums.

    Also I do not owe anyone guns.

  58. @Vietvet: That was my take as well, but maybe there is some “history” that I missed somewhere along the way.

  59. Hey Vet, I’m with you!
    This whole thread kinda confused me, and really seemed to get out of control, fast, by folks I’d not of thought ‘going there.’ But I’m leaning towards your take, too. I took Snork’s entry as a mild compliment. But, as the thread began to deteriorate, I kept going back over previous posts looking to see if I overlooked something…WTH! there a missing post or something?!!

  60. @Old Racist White Woman: I have no idea why Snorky1 went off on you, unless he somehow only perceived the last 4 words of your comment (“…because I hate men”) without understanding the whole of the sentence. I have noticed that some people who post here in the wee hours of the night admit to having had a few, so who knows if that could have been a factor, too.

    It definitely seems like he owes you an apology, though.

  61. Was the laughter indelibly etched in her hippocampus? 😂

  62. Her looks give her away as a liberal on the fast train to lesbianism.


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