Victoria’s Secret Models Under Fire After Singing N-Word Backstage (VIDEO)

Breitbart: A group of Victoria’s Secret models are being ripped by fans after a video of the Angels singing a song with the N-word was uploaded online.


The models, who were backstage at a fashion show in Shanghai, were filmed singing rapper Cardi B’s hit song ‘Bodak Yellow,’ which includes the line: ‘I don’t wanna choose and I’m quick to cut a n**** off.’  Watch

SNIP: That was followed by the usual, “You can’t say nigga if you ain’t black” protests on Twitter. I think there could be a compromise here. Black rappers can say nigga all they want, but they can’t sell to anyone other than other black people who use that word. Deal?

Also, GFYS.

17 Comments on Victoria’s Secret Models Under Fire After Singing N-Word Backstage (VIDEO)

  1. So what does I’m gonna cut you off nigga mean ? Does it mean the guy had a chance at one point ? I’m not even sure this is Derogatory !

  2. Noisy people will make noises about this. But nobody really cares.

    When John Hillerman died a week or two ago I posted one of the few Blazing Saddles clips he is in – and it uses that word plenty of times. Nobody complained.

  3. But yet the naggers want the white womenz. They step out of line, just beat them. Man I need to move into a cave in North Western Montana. Find a nice Grizzly Bear Sow and settle down.

  4. My white ass is offended by the term “cracker”! Therefore I am immediately demanding that no Niggers are allowed to eat at Cracker Barrel.

  5. Whites can’t say the word? Hell, we made the word up and bestowed it upon them. They are appropriating our language. Silly? Yea, illogical thinking is

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