Victory in VA

One local election at a time.

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  1. That has been welcome news.

    But within the last hour in Virginia, this.

    First. I don’t take orders from elected officials. They take orders from me.

    Second. I wouldn’t even take advice from a shithead who has worn Blackface and KKK robes who makes his professional living murdering infants.

    Phuck off Ralphie.

  2. This is great news. But one could interpret this as if a bunch of lazy gun owners got off the lazy asses and voted last time around Virginia might not be in the mess.

  3. No Bad Brad. Many in Virginia are in a slow boil waiting for November. I suspect many recently flipped states are.

    No sense ranting and raving. We’re keeping our powder dry and watching closely.

    Governor and statehouse aren’t up for re-election this year. But Sen. Mark Warner and all congresscritters are.

    I so want to see Abigail Spanberger defeated.

    Mark Warner? Even more so.

  4. If democrats think the people are not pod about this shutdown, and that the dems arent going to own this in November, they are in for a rude awakening.
    Good comments here re: northam. Masks prevent the spread of this virus my backside. The virus is very small and would go thru these cheap masks like a pebble thru a chain link fence. Besides va has been only lightly affected w majority of cases in nursing homes, and on decline. Grrr

  5. Other good news–in Oregon, Alek Skarlatos of Paris Train heroism in 2015, just won the GOP primary by 86 percent. He has a good chance of unseating DeFazio in Congressional District 4, which would inch us one step closer to marginalizing Crazy Nancy. I sent him some money.

  6. So pleased! Staunton has become quite the tourist town, with lots of artsy fartsy stores, restaurants, and accommodations in our historic downtown. Problem is, too many of those visitors from DC, NoVa, and blue states have decided to stay. Natives and long time residents welcome transplants who appreciate the lifestyle here but finally had enough of the disdain of some folks who brought their failed ideas and controlling attitude with them.

    BTW: The name of the town is pronounced with a twang; the ‘u’ in ‘Staunton’ is silent. It’s how we spot Yankees the moment they begin to gush about how they would love to move here.

  7. PHenry

    Respectfully, if the answer is no, you are wasting your time. What will change? Give up.
    Personally, my belief is these idiot 2A only voters are dumber than a box of rocks and a big problem. Now they’ll vote. But they’re all pissed off at Trump because Bump Stocks. I get it. I do. Any anti gun legislation is a slippery slope. And Trumps made a bunch of pro gun promises and hasn’t delivered on a single one. But the man has been busy. It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to figure out if you don’t vote your ass off for Republicans than you get Virginia.

  8. You know who have been wearing masks chronically for years?
    Chinese. They want us looking just like them.

  9. @bad brad.

    There is no such thing as a single issue voter.
    There are ill informed voters. Intentionally misled voters.

    When people are locked down, unable to assemble in church, or a bar, or a park there will be an accounting.

    Trump was smart to tell governors today to open houses of worship or else. He put it right on the Governors.

  10. PHenry

    “There is no such thing as a single issue voter.”

    I totally disagree. Guns and Abortion jump right out.

  11. OK. Abortion maybe.

    I was talking about normal thinking adults.

    People who live normal lives.

    People not singularly focused on genitalia and the consequences of the casual and reckless intersection of those organs and the requirement to erase the results of such ill advised encounters.

  12. PHenry

    I can send you addresses to gun blogs that will change your mind quickly about 2A only voters. One of them is a CCW blog from Virginia. I don’t think you’ve been exposed to these people. And there’s a lot of them and they’ll sit on their hands and not vote if a candidate upsets them in the least bit.

  13. Yeah yeah yeah I know.

    I’ve met them. Pro lifers, pro 2A’ers. They speak loudly but are too wacky to develop a following.

    I’m talking about every day people. Not activists.

  14. We’re spinning our wheels here. My contention is there’s enough of these gun owners that they can have an big impact. Keep in mind, I’m a 07 FFL and know these people well.

  15. 2020 is going to reveal where we want to go state by state and as a country. So much is going to happen in the next six months, the issues today surprisingly will be in the rear view mirror, many of them. I think most things line up for Trump far more positively – this virus will die, 2nd wave might not exist or be far more contained, he might put his foot up China’s ass, maybe something happens with Durham. All the dems have is keep things closed, fear and their typical BS. There is nothing optimistic or uplifting or inspiring, Hence already onto dreaming of 2nd impeachment.

  16. Little Morphin’ Annie….. How wonderful you know the City. And, I am so proud. I am a Yankee transplant, but I’d like the barn doors shut now….. nothing like disgusting NoVa!

    It will be hard to overcome the NoVa donk vote in November, but, if we push, there are more of us, committed, than them. (Forget effete Rockbridge County…. sigh…)

    If the vote is honest, not ballot stuffed, *we* will win the Commmonwealth.
    …..Lady in Red

  17. BTW, Big Brad….. I just got my carry license renewed: good to 2025.

    I expect the war will be over by then. …..Lady in Red


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