Video: AG Jeff Sessions Puts White House Leakers on Notice

“These false attacks, the innuendos, the leaks, you can be sure will not intimidate me,” said Sessions.

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18 Comments on Video: AG Jeff Sessions Puts White House Leakers on Notice

  1. joe,
    He came close with the help of Tom Cotton. If you can find that segment it’s worth the watch. Joe Manchin did not act like a typical partisan Democrat. That was pretty good too,

  2. Kamala Harris sure is a rude and ignorant bitch. She didn’t lay a glove on Sessions but looked smugly self satisfied. How is that white self loathing working out for you caliphornia?

  3. Of course, as a Virginia guy I don’t have much to crow about. Our equine faced senator Warner is a big dung pile himself. An embarrassment.

  4. Friendly reminder; Kamala Harris failed the bar exam on her first go round. And she is a wanna – be bitch.

  5. RosalindJ

    I use to have to deal with her “Gun Law” updates constantly and I can assure you she is a total bitch, and the rule of law means little to her.

  6. There was a time when I used to email blast any congressman or senator that offended my sensibilities.
    That got to be exhausting.

    But Harris just received a PHenrygram.

  7. He’s got this look in his eye that tells you, ‘don’t you damn well cross me or else.’ I hope that the demonrats and uniparty republicans are too arrogant to heed it. :’D
    (I wanna see some heads roll.)

  8. AG Sessions was the senator from my state (that we chose to live in) and there is not a more honest or humble man to be found. Our other senator (Shelby), I cannot say the same about and the new one (Strange), I am not sure except he is tall and his last name starts with “S” (which seems to be a prerequisite to be senator from Alabama). AG Sessions volunteered to go to the committee and in public now when they subpoena Lynch, what will she do? Yea, I know what she’ll do because she has no integrity.

  9. I met senator sessions not far from my home at an outdoor event. If you didn’t know he was a senator you’d think he was just a nice neighbor. No pretense. He just walked up and started chatting.

    I’ve met plenty of politicians in my day and Sessions is one of a handful that was normal. Jim Jordan is another one. Dave Brat also. And Louie goehmert.

  10. Tom Cotton is definately one of the good guys! My senior senator is Patty Murray, is that embarrassing or what?!

  11. Aunty Maxine Pool Rules

    Silly Uncle Billy Kristolichnaya poops up msNBC

    Should Kristols reddish-brown cloud get a Memo?

    Hole is still floating in the steeped end of the pool

  12. You know what we lack in our politics is a genuine, vibrant discussion, and exchange of ideas. Our politicians are soooo polite, it makes me sick to listen to most of the time. We have, on our side a lack of passion. Our awareness of being PC handcuffs us from making a point that needs to be made. Even Sessions, as sure of himself as he was, was being too careful with the way he was trying to say things. It’s time to call a spade, a spade, and if it ruffles some feathers it’s about damn time!

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