VIDEO: Anti-Trump rioters brawl — with each other!

AmericanMirror- Some people just want to see the world burn.

As anti-Trump rioters wreaked havoc in the streets of Portland, Oregon on Thursday, they ended up turning on each other and brawling in the road way.

Video shows one rioter hammering an electrical box with a baseball bat.

One human being — who appeared to be a woman (unconfirmed) — stood by the box, apparently shouting for the man to stop.

As he successfully beat the lock off the door, he flung it open, nearly hitting her in the face.

A woman carrying a banner jumped in front of the box, pushed him away and demanded he stop attacking the box.

He pushed her down and that’s when all hell broke loose.


10 Comments on VIDEO: Anti-Trump rioters brawl — with each other!

  1. My thoughts are you’re watching Profesional agitators going ape shit, and then snow flakes try and tone down the violence. Emphasis on the ape . This is not a racial war. It’s a manufactured uprising by Soros.

  2. Remember the riots after Romney, the pussy, was blown out? Remember the riots when The War Prisoner McCain, was blown,e blown to shit? No? I don’t ether. These fucking “riots” are bought and paid for by George Soros and, Bob Avakian and Carl Dix. Nobody
    seems to be interested in following these motherfuckers from riot to riot across the USA.

  3. Putin has put a dead or alive reward on Soros, and we get called cowboys.
    Wanted Dead or Alive, McQueen with a mare’s leg mod 94, cool show.

  4. Can anyone explain to me what this is supposed to accomplish? What’s the result they are trying to achieve? Are they really so spoiled and dumb that they think their tantrum will change the outcome of the election?
    At least the war protesters had a clear goal in mind.

  5. Soros is the snake whose head needs chopping off… got to find him first, then take out his sons and him. Freeze assets, confiscate under the terrorist act and execute them. Once that happens, the rest will fade away stage LEFT and not come back. when you stop paying these craigs list thug hirelings, they will evaporate and hope no one traces them back to their homes. The snowflakes will get pissy with winter coming, rain and storms, and the rebel movement will die.
    Since the creation of the Anti-Money Laundering Act (AMLA) in 2001, which is now known as the Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorism Financing and Proceeds of Unlawful Activities Act 200l (the 2001 Act), money laundering and terrorism financing have been criminalized. Other legal measures to disrupt the flows and incidence of such crimes were also introduced involving freezing, seizure and confiscation or forfeiture of the proceeds of such crimes by the authorities.

  6. “Can anyone explain to me what this is supposed to accomplish? What’s the result they are trying to achieve?”

    The only possibility I see right now is they may bring Martial law in when normal citizens start defending their homes and country.

    Who doesn’t want to pop them in the head lately? If they keep it up, normally peaceful citizens will start pushing back and violence is the only thing that shuts down violence.

    Then “Trump Supporters” will be forever cast as violent cretins needing their guns taken away from them.


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