Video: Audrey Hale Shooting Her Way Into School – IOTW Report

Video: Audrey Hale Shooting Her Way Into School

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  1. Tranny douchebag. All this shit is caused 100% by US being TOLERANT of mental disorders instead of rallying against this type of sexual deviancy and putting these fuckers in either a mental hospital, back in the closet, or a 6 foot deep hole.

  2. When are we gonna start banning high capacity nutjob trannys?!?! Ohhh – won’t someone think of the children?!?!

    Trannys, ARE – by definition – mentally ill – how did it pass a background check to acquire these firearms?!

    Don’t let the libtarded media define this event!!! For STARTERS – IT was NOT a “woman” that shot up the Presbyterian school in Nashville today – it was an eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil high-capacity, mentally-ill ASSAULT tranny!!! WHERE is “Tranny Control, Inc.” when we NEED them, anyways?!?!

    Biteme will no doubt see this as an opportunity to ban more guns. And probably Christianity!

  3. And to think, they’re changing schools to produce many, many more of these nutjobs.

    Much easier to control a population that is completely and utterly focused on themselves.

  4. One report I saw said that a family member of the shooter said she was a high functioning autistic girl. So another case of someone with autism falsely believing they are trans gender (it has been reported that a large percentage of trans people are autistic).

    I’m guessing that autistic people are targeted as recruits by the trans activists (and enablers such as doctors making bank off of the surgeries and life long hormones / meds). Someone with existing mental issues makes for an easier mark for supposedly becoming trans because they are already confused.

  5. Playing by the left’s rules, ALL trannies are possible school shooters now.

  6. The media must be wringing their hands.
    A white girl shooter but she’s claimed to be transgender.
    What to do…..

    So sad for the lives taken

  7. Take a mental defective and pump her full of testosterone. Watch what happens.

  8. Dyke. The backward baseball cap is a dead give away.

  9. This was an attack on God by a resent filled malicious, maladjusted malcontent that believes it was dealt a bad hand. It had envy of everyone, particularly children and families who have been able to experience joy and fulfillment in life. It looked at itself as having been unjustly cheated out of what others have. What progressivism has contributed is to have elevated this creature’s motivation into a cardinal virtue.

    Anyone who can’t see this doesn’t want to see it.

    When people were remarking of how those destroying property and lives in the summer of 2020, and asking how they could be consumed by so much hate, it was obvious that it was self hatred projected outward onto any convenient target. This is what 50 years of public schools inculcating self hatred looks like. In the last couple decades with the near takeover of all institutions, it’s what children are constantly steeped in.

    Progressivism is Marxism is Satanism. It is a hate filled worldview and political philosophy, but more than that it is a wicked and evil religion.

  10. How many more will see this on the news and think, “I could do that”. I’m really good at Call of Duty.

  11. You mean to tell me glass doors don’t stop bullets? Who knew?

  12. looks like an electric car. i wonder how this is going to affect sales.


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