Video: Bette Midler Claims Geraldo and Producer drugged and groped her

Via Mark Dice on Twitter:



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  1. National Examiner:


    …by a well-known powerful person, says famous female who has no evidence and is looking for attention. It’s true!

  2. Thank you for not using the Geraldo shower selfie for the picture.

    Funny you should say that. I considered using it! LOL.
    You’re welcome.

  3. Not that I am inclined to defend Geraldo but I don’t pay much heed to 40 year old accusations, especially from a woman who has a propensity to shoot her mouth off consistently. If the divine Miss M had a issue we would have definitely heard about it before now. Crawl back under your rock midler.

  4. In a similar incident, Albert Einstein was once accused of sexually molesting his cousin, Elsa Löwenthal, whom he later married after his first marriage dissolved in 1919.

    At the time, he stated that he was attracted to Elsa because she was so well endowed. He postulated that if you are attracted to women with large breasts, the attraction is even stronger if there is a DNA Connection.

    This came to be known as “Einstein’s Theory of Relative Titty”.

  5. If it was in the seventies, she must be leaving out the part about the lines of blow they’d just snorted up on the desk.

  6. Jerry Riviera has a real problem pointing anything at anyone about sexual harassment. He may have some other accusers before this dies down. He’s already issued a clarification of his Matt Lauer statement. Who cares?

  7. Geraldo is long overdue. He’s always set off my Bi- and Pedo radars. I won’t be surprised if a string of boys accuse him next.

    Wait, Bette Midler is still alive?

    Anyone under 35-40 is going to have to Google her. Her original core audience died of AIDS decades ago.

    But hey, anything that gets GR off FOX is fine with me.

  8. Wait, wait! That’s Barbara Walters, interviewing Bette, and she doesn’t look like that now, so how long ago was this video made? Where has it been kept and ignored?

  9. Hell, Midler spent so much time in gay bathhouses that’s probably where she got the poppers to give to Geraldo to give to her. Midler is creepy in so many ways but then so is Geraldo so I’d say just call this a draw.

  10. Whorealdo rates about the same as that Hag with the initials MK. if I hear anything about you do want them it will be entirely too soon.

  11. Horrendo Revolver & Betty Midler deserve each other. Horrendo wanted Al Franken to run for president against Trump. They both have alot of class…..unfortunately its all of the low variety. The Midler video with Barbwa Wawa was the first time I heard Midler converse without multiple f bombs. Horrendo may yet be bunkmates with Matt Lauer & Harvey Weinstein at the halfway house for celebrity perverts. Suspect he has a rather large pool of female victims waiting to exhale their sordid stories about him from years past.

  12. Far be it for me to defend Geraldo, but medical science has proved long ago that it is physically impossible for even the most perverted of men to get or maintain an erection in the presence of Bette Midler.

  13. He’s said to always be on FNC on Friday mornings. I won’t be tuning in, but I’ll check to see if he uh, showed.

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