Video Footage of the EPA Gold Mine Blunder


ht/ fdr in hell

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  1. More people have been killed, and more environmental damage has been inflicted on the earth by GOVERNMENTS than all the “evil” capitalist corporations combined!

  2. Now, where is The Environmental Protection Agency when you need them?

    Who’s going to investigate this mess? The Dept. of Agriculture?
    The Dept. of Education? The Dept of Homeland Security? The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee? The House Natural Resources Committee? The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee? The Senate Agricultural,Nutrition and Forestry Committee?

    Short Answer: Nobody

  3. It sure looked like they had the equipment right there to affect a fix. Instead they stood there with their thumb up their ass saying “What do we do? ” What do you do? you plug the damn hole, dumbass.

  4. Don’t worry they were just doing a test. So all is well.
    Words too run from, ” Hi we’re from the government and we’re here too help.”

  5. Too late. There was no one manning the machines. They were awaiting word from Washington. Oh shit, look at that, now what do we do? As Toenex said. The old Ronald Reagan quote, the worst words you ever want to hear:” We’re from the government and we’re here to help.”

  6. I never realized just how huge this Federal Government is until I receiver this little booklet from Hillsdale College. U.S Congressional Directory, 114th Congress, 2015 Edition.
    Contact Hillsdale and they’ll send you one. (I always throw them a few bucks because they are a great outfit).
    I noticed that there are 44 committees in our Government, all packed to the hilt with republicans and democrats. Hundreds of Senators and Congressmen, packed with staff. But there are still some vacancies :
    The Joint Committee on the Library needs six republicans and four democrats.
    The Joint Committee on Printing needs six republicans and four democrats.

    Contact Hillsdale College for a copy 33 East College Street, Hillsdale, Michigan 49242. or

    I’ll have one more and I’m off the the couch. Goog nite IOTW

  7. It is reassuring to know that under the new regulations, much more water is similarly protected by the same Agency.

    So there is that…

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