Video From Anonymous To ISIS

This sent shivers through Obama.

ht/ tsunami

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  1. Oh, I love it. The TV station that plays it first or the presidential candidate that touts it first, will gain my loyalty, forever.

    I’d love to see ‘protestors’ fighting for the rights of EVERYONE, not just ‘special groups’, wear these masks in colleges, town meetings and everywhere. It is the only way to fight Obama’s stir-the-shit, hired thugs, who can only follow their well paid, imported, community disorganizers.

  2. I doubt anything makes Obama ‘shiver’ except missing a party, missing a golf game, or running out of ways to spend money on his personal caliphate.

  3. The good guys remaining in the NSA, CIA and FBI are pi$$ed. If Anon. succeeds, the muzz rats go to other means, like PS4, that they can’t monitor.

    The FIB guy who spoke anonymously to the NYT last week, griping about all the Syrian invaders, said they don’t have the manpower or resources to track or do background on all these dudes. He added that a homegrown (white boy!) convert had a July 4 spectacular planned that he promised to stream on the internet. It involved a pressure cooker and styrofoam. Why styrofoam? When it is melted, it sticks to the skin, causing more severe burns.

  4. Well, it’s a step up from hashtagging them to death, but I’d be way more impressed if they made terrorists’ iPhones explode next to their ears.

  5. Thaaaaank you Anonymous!!!!!!

    Anonymous is doing good work.

    Their next target needs to be Soros, Rothschild, Colgate, Bush and relatives, etc. You get the picture.


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