VIDEO: Hillary tries preacher routine at gospel awards show

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AmericanMirror: Hillary Clinton crashed a gospel awards show over the weekend where she momentarily posed as a preacher during the festivities.

Though the 31st Annual Stellar Gospel Music Awards will be broadcast March 6, an audience video of Clinton’s remarks leaked early.

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“We all face troubles don’t we,” she told the audience. “And it’s easy to get discouraged. And then all of a sudden maybe you hear a song in church, you hear it on the radio, maybe a friend is singing it,” she said, before reciting a portion of  – MORE

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  1. Speaking of eye on the sparrow…

    “Don’t go to bed with no price on your head, no, no (Don’t do it), no, no

    Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time (Don’t do it) (Hurry up)

    Keep your eye on the sparrow when the going gets narrow
    (Don’t do it) Don’t do it…”

  2. I wouldn’t go in to a house of worship if I found out Hillary was going to be there. The chances of that building being hit by lightning or by an earthquake would be way too high for me to chance it.

  3. I wish I was famous with a lot of liberal’s money. Not for my personal benefit, but so I could tell POS like Hillary to go pound sand when she wants to use my platform to speak.

  4. Maybe you hear a song in the drunk tank or your prison cell, maybe in the gas chamber, or when they strap you to Ol Sparky …

    I always hate to see people hoodwinked like that.

    @Ricky, those on the Left who are convicted only find allahh, unless they switch sides.

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