[Video] ‘Human rights lawyer’ imprisoned for 6 months after spitting on Air India crew member during racist tirade

American Thinker: Meet Simone Burns, renowned “human rights lawyer” for Palestinians and anti-Israel activist, who is now spending six months in a British prison.  Burns is an Irish citizen resident in England who goes by the name Simone O’Broin, who was flying from Mumbai to London on Air India, a nine-hour journey.  When denied fourth bottle of wine following breakfast service, Burns engaged in a drunken, racist rant, spitting directly in the face of a female crew member. She also attempted to smoke cigarettes in a bathroom three times, but was stopped by crew members

Appalled passengers in the business class cabin (the Palestinians apparently pay their lawyers well), recorded her rant on cellphone videos (embedded video below), which gained considerable social media attention in India, the UK, and Ireland, where she maintains citizenship. But oddly enough, American media seem to have ignored the incident.

Daniel Sugarman of the UK JC News reports on her anti-Israel activism:

Burns has previously written a paper accusing Israel of genocide over its treatment of the Palestinians, whom she described as “a group struggling for self-determination against a colonial, racist regime”.

As discovered by investigative researcher David Collier, Ms O’Broin had also made Facebook comments about having “Mossad agents and Zionists operatives all over my life… there is yet again a fishy smell of CHABAD LUBAVITCH!!”

She also commented supporting a piece written by antisemite Gilad Atzmon attacking the sentencing of Holocaust denier Alison Chabloz, saying: “I wonder how many successful libel actions there have been for unfounded allegations of antisemitism and all the rest.”

Burns was arrested upon landing at London Heathrow Airport. The UK Daily Mail reports on her first court appearance after being arrested.  more here

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  1. A lib female lawyer goes on a drunken racist rant? Insert my Home Alone shocked face.

    C U Next Tuesday Simone. Actually, see you in 6 months. How’s that taste you moronic twat. BwaaaHaaaaa!

  2. “Human rights” lawyer, eh? While I don’t claim that I have a specific human right not to have somebody spit in my face, I DO maintain that if someone does so I have a human right to throat punch ’em.

  3. Talk about so-called “intersectionality”, where the Left keeps a One-Upper Scorecard of false victimhood. The more “points” you have, the more teflon-coated you are against consequences of your assholishness.

    *Mean Irish Drunk
    *Suffering Colonialism by having British nationality
    *Human rights activist
    *Works for Filthy Mohammedan Savage terrorists

    She scores as a rare 5
    But IMO, she loses a point for being a smoker

    But she shouldn’t worry. The Filthy Mohammedan Savages who really run the UK now will free her soon. Very soon.

  4. Why are they always fat and ugly? She is also a “foul-mouthed Muriel”. They should have hand-cuffed her and put duct tape over her mouth – the recording was only 4 minutes long, but I had to switch off after 2.5 minutes.

  5. Get them to lose their composure and they reveal themselves. That’s when the press blackout begins.


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