Video of President Trump Making a Pass

12 Comments on Video of President Trump Making a Pass

  1. The guy has a charmed life. Rich, popular, hot babes everywhere, owns his own hotels, t.v. show, been in movies, owns international golf courses, helicopters, jets, and oh yeah, President of the United States.

    No one is ever going to match this.

  2. I have my suspicions that to this day DJT trains at something. I haven’t figure out what it is, but he makes decisions like a well balanced individual that is balanced with athletics. Just my opinion.

  3. With Bush the crowd roared USA, USA, USA, USA.
    With Obozo, the crowd thought PUSSY, PUSSY, PUSSY

  4. A tv sports announcer asked obozo which White Sox players he really liked when he was growing up, given that he says he was a big Sox fan. As obozo described himself, he was “a south side kid.” WTF, did even visit Chicago when was growing up? So that right there is a lie. He couldn’t name one player. This guy lies about the lies he told, which he used to cover up previous lies.

  5. PDJT could have chosen to become an athlete–he was apparently that good. Instead, he chose real estate, made and lost a few fortunes. But even back in ’92, he was already thinking of ways to gain the presidency–that’s pretty obvious. He waited until it was ‘just the right time’…and the rest, as they say, is (and will be) HISTORY!!!

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