Video: Sessions Denies Any Collusion with Russians


Attorney General Jeff Sessions swatted-down liberal accusations that the Trump campaign colluded with Russian officials during his Testimony on Tuesday, saying there were “absolutely” no conversations between the Trump team and foreign governments.

“There’s been all this talk about conversations and that you had some conversations with the Russians […] Conversations with officers of other governments or ambassadors are everyday occurrences here, multiple times occurrences, is that a fair statement?” asked Senator Jim Risch.

“I think it is,” replied Sessions.

“On the other hand, collusion with the Russians or any other government for that matter when it comes to our elections certainly would be improper and illegal, would that be a fair statement?” asked the republican lawmaker.

“Absolutely,” said the Attorney General.

“Are you willing to sit here and tell the American people, unfiltered by what the media’s going to put out, that you participated in no conversations of any kind where there was collusion between the Trump campaign and any other foreign government?” asked Risch.

“I can say that absolutely, and I have no hesitation to do so,” responded Sessions. “This is a serious matter, because what you’re talking about is hacking in to a private person or DNC computer and obtaining information and spreading that out.”

“That’s just not right, and I believe it’s likely that laws were violated if that actually occurred. It’s an improper thing,” he added.

Watch the exchange above.

6 Comments on Video: Sessions Denies Any Collusion with Russians

  1. It is past time for the Sessions Department of Justice to really start putting the hammer down on the real traitors in our government. What is taking so long?

  2. Sessions sure slapped down that arsehole Wyden. A smug jerk with the IQ of a turnip, an under developed turnip at that.

  3. I am getting so sick of this Russian collusion story.

    Let’s face it, if the russkies preferred a candidate it would be Hillary. Period. This meme is ridiculous on its face.

    Hillary shares their ideology
    Hillary can be easily manipulated
    Hillary can be blackmailed

    Trump would be the last guy Russia wanted. Rebuilding our military is clue #1.

    This whole issue is preposterous. I’m done with it.
    Stupidity on stilts with a rubber chicken stapled to the forehead. But it has been going on for months.

    Sick of it.

  4. This is all an excuse for Hillary’s disastrous campaign. The Democrats don’t have any other thing to blame her failure on than this preposterous claim of Russian collusion. Even when they know the truth, they lie about Russians electing Trump. This is a symptom of what’s wrong with the damned Democrats. They are putting their Party above their Country. Hillary has a dozen phony reasons for her defeat, but her Party needs something to keep their brain-dead, welfare-addicted, minorities stirred up with until 2018. I can’t wait for the Macedonian Content Farmers to finally admit that they colluded with Trump and Sessions. Why didn’t any of the Democrats ask Sessions about the Macedonians? This whole thing is totally preposterous.

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