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Video Shows Martial Arts Expert Take Down Man Wanted for Attacks on NYC Sidewalks


It was a case of wrong place at the wrong time for an assault suspect accused of punching two people, including a teenager, seemingly at random on a Manhattan street.

That’s because a passerby — who just happens be a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt — chased him down and helped bring him to justice. 

Ro Malabanan was heading to work Wednesday when he saw the suspect sucker-punch a construction worker in SoHo before running away. In an exclusive interview with NBC New York, Malabanan said he was worried the suspect would attack someone else — so he decided to intervene.

“I walked up to the guy that (was) hit, to check to see if he was OK. He said he wasn’t okay … Immediately, my martial arts side kicks in and I’m like, let’s go stop this guy,” Malabanan recalled. “Who knows what he’s capable of… My jiu-jitsu training kicked in, and I immediately just jumped on his back, he tried to fling me off of him. I had what’s called the seatbelt position, which helped me to drag him down to the ground.” more

17 Comments on Video Shows Martial Arts Expert Take Down Man Wanted for Attacks on NYC Sidewalks

  1. Nice job dude – but this sidewalk ape will be right back out on the streets with even more misplaced rage to take out on more unsuspecting New Yorkers

  2. This must be fake news because as we all know cities especially Democrat ones are the safest places on earth especially new jerk city which should sink back into the Atlantic from where it came from.

  3. I bet the Dindud i’s back on the streets already……

  4. “random” yeah… right… another negro piece of vermin attacking people in an Asian part of town. More KKKlan with a Tan bullshit. The shitbag negro DA will probably charge the Jiu Jitsu guy.

  5. NY laws will have him out on the street this afternoon. Be sure to thank Albany democrat leaders to keep guilty criminals out of jail cells and back on the streets quickly. Keep those jail cells available for pronoun abusers.

  6. Break the f—ker’s legs, put him in a wheelchair for a while. I got your “no bail”, judge.

  7. I cannot go to New York, ever, because if someone attacked me, I’d pull out my pistol and blow them away. Then, there would be a huge mess with the crooked justice system there. New York? No, thanks!

  8. In that martial arts graphic on the main page, I hope that’s the end of his belt dangling there.

  9. WDS
    AUGUST 1, 2022 AT 12:13 PM
    “Damn, I fully expected to see Hannity.”

    …yeah. I’d want to see THAT video when the COVID coward election surrender monkey pisses himself and runs like the little bitch he is when he realizes he’s not up against a freindly, well paid instructor at a blackbelt mill who’s going to let him win so they can get those juicy promotion fees…

  10. SNS,
    Have you forgotten that Hannity trains in martial arts 9 days a week? Such a demanding schedule for a guy that has a radio & TV show yet manages to find time to dip his pen in the company ink.

  11. It was nice of them to blur the NAPA perp.
    Nobody will recognize him on his next romp.

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