Video Shows Police Shot The Man Who Disarmed Potential Shooter


San Jose police on Tuesday released an edited video stemming from a brawl inside La Victora that ended with an officer shooting an East Bay college football player who was holding a gun he had grabbed during the fight.

Police initially rushed to the restaurant thinking the fight might be related to a homicide that occurred a block away and they had previously explained that they shot K’aun Green because they thought he might be connected to that death or be an active shooter in the neighborhood.

But the video confirmed what the 20-year-old had said from the onset: Sgt. Christian Camarillo made the department’s first formal acknowledgement that Green did not bring a gun into the taqueria on March 27. More

According to NPR, “Green, a football player at nearby Contra Costa College, was rushed to a nearby hospital and underwent emergency surgery; he suffered injuries to his abdomen, leg and arm, the lawsuit says, and is uncertain if he’ll be able to continue pursuing his athletic career.”

He’s suing the San Jose police.

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  1. The common denominator in this video is what ? Sucks but it’s a justifiable shooting. Victim lucky to be alive and will be paid. PO is in the clear

  2. …I am not and have never been a LEO, so I’m not going to second guess the police here, nor knock the heriosm of this young man disarming a thug, BUT I will offer the advice that the local PD gave us during ALICE Training concerning an active shooter.

    They said if you do manage to disarm the shooter and the police are dispatched or there with a REPORT of an active shooter, if you do ANYTHING with the weapon other than put it in a garbage can and present the garbage can with both your hands visiable on it and your arms fully extended to the police, there is a VERY high probability that you will be shot in the confusion, ESPECIALLY if the weapon is in your hand.

    And yes, they said that to the White people too.

    Seems like good advice to me, a White guy who has had cops point pistols at ME for various misunderstandings before.

    …had this young man done that, he wouldn’t be in the hospital in pain with his college sportsball career in ruins.

    …but he ALSO wouldn’t be about to collect a multi-million dollar payday courtesy of the good people of San Jose, with half or better taken by his liar, of course.

    Tough call, but remember, he was lucky they did not kill him…

  3. What other options did the cops have? You see a bunch of brawling dudes, and one has a gun, then how do you not shoot the dude holding the gun? There is now flashing sign over the guy’s head say, “I’m not a thug negro like these other assholes here.”

  4. I took the mid day off and went and got some aroma therapy today at the range. 300 rounds of 45acp, 100 rounds of 9, brought my new Blackout. The point is, 400 rounds of pistol is about 8 times the amount the average flat foot sends down range for an entire year. It bugs the shit out of me that they think they are the only ones that have the right to carry a gun. Cops are a bigger danger to CCWS than bad guys. ESPECIALLY in that freaken town. They passed a bill there that if you own a gun you need to get liability insurance for it. REJECTED, Even the 9th considered that unconstitutional.


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