Video Shows Prince Andrew Inside Jeffrey Epstein’s Mansion, Royal Family Issues Statement

The prince was the guest of honor at a dinner at the mansion in 2010, meeting with a host of Hollywood and media figures such as George Stephanopoulos, Charlie Rose, and Katie Couric.

Epoch Times:

Newly released video footage shows Prince Andrew inside Jeffrey Epstein’s New York City mansion.

The footage was recorded in 2010 shortly after the member of the royal family and Epstein, who recently killed himself as he awaited trial on sex trafficking charges, were pictured together in Central Park.

Epstein was at that time a convicted sex offender who served around a year in jail after pleading guilty to soliciting an underage girl for prostitution in exchange for prosecutors dropping a slew of other charges. Epstein was accused of molesting over 100 underage girls and was recently arrested on charges of child sex trafficking.

The newly released footage, published by the Daily Mail, shows Epstein leaving his Manhattan abode in December of that year with a young blonde girl. Epstein wears a heavy jacket while the girl wears a thin long-sleeved shirt and is shivering as she escorts Epsten to a vehicle and stops to speak with him multiple times after he enters the car.

She then runs back to the house and rings the buzzer. She’s let in by a taller woman with black hair that was said to resemble Sarah Kellen, who multiple girls have said was one of Epstein’s assistants.

Less than an hour later, the door is opened again to reveal a third young woman with brown hair exiting. Prince Andrew is seen briefly waving goodbye to her before glancing around furtively and closing the door.

The first and third girls have not been identified.

Johanna Sjoberg said in 2015 that Prince Andrew, who is now 58, inappropriately touched her in Epstein’s house in 2001. A year earlier, Virginia Roberts said that Epstein ordered her to have sex with a number of men, including Prince Andrew. She was pictured with him at one point; the photo showed him with his arm around her smiling broadly. more here

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  1. He was attempting to save the “l’il girls” from a life of prostitution and drugs.
    (gathering evidence for INTERPOL)

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. Maybe it wasn’t the Clintons who offed Epstein; there’s hundreds of other rich and powerful pedos who went to Epstein’s island. If any of the COs who were so tired from working overtime start driving Lamborghinis, FOLLOW THE MONEY


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