Video surfaces of Michelle Obama praising Weinstein as a wonderful human being

Well, this didn’t age too well. There was so much evidence at the time that Weinstein was a pig, it’s just that his money bags obscured greedy people’s vision.

Moose calls Weinstein a “wonderful human being” and a “friend.”

27 Comments on Video surfaces of Michelle Obama praising Weinstein as a wonderful human being

  1. is big mike one of the few who doesn’t have nightmares about harvey laying on top of him?
    he enjoyed it.
    made him feel beautiful.

  2. I couldn’t hear what she was saying as I was distracted and awestruck by her haunting beauty.


    The American Media

  3. “I judge a man’s character by the kindness he shows toward animals and he’s always been extremely nice to me”

  4. You watch that and think “Are you really gonna tell me you didn’t know how much of a pig Weinstain wuz back then… Woopie?”

    We all know now that it was common knowledge in the Hollywood crowd you fcuking hypocrite!!

  5. Good! Now Trump’s campaign people can use this to ratfuck Moochelle out of any possibility the Democrat Party would run her as their Vice Prez in the general election. Yay!

  6. @ TRF FEBRUARY 27, 2020 AT 7:31 AM

    Had his behavior not been exposed beyond those in the in crowd the cool kids would be singing his praises today.

  7. Anonymous FEBRUARY 27, 2020 AT 2:15 AM
    “…Fuck her.”

    …noooo thanks, you can have mine, and that’s not a ‘Her’, BTW…

  8. Don’t forget they gave the rent a kid to intern with Weinstein, they had to know. The question is what did they promise Moe-lina?

  9. Kcir (2 Faced Trudeau) – Dood! You have my sincere condolences for taking one for the team!!

    JDHasty – Yup! That’s the way Hollyweird rolls! It’s all about the power… and always has been. Twenty years from now we’ll be seeing the same story with different names.

  10. I’m not a Weinstein apologist (far from it); the guy is a creep of epic proportions…but, did you know, at his rape trial, the 2 women he was accused of raping, both admitted to having consensual sex on several occasions after the supposed rapes? And they sent him nice cards and letters, and went to his parties. WTF? Sounds more like those college “rapes” where the sex is consensual, but later regretted by the woman, so…rape! Meanwhile the media has pilloried Corey Feldman for daring to expose the pedophilia that is rampant in Hollywood.

  11. And I wonder if that clip of Mooshelle praising Harvey will get 1/100th the air time that that one photo of Donald Trump standing next to him has. Silly question.

  12. @ Tony R FEBRUARY 27, 2020 AT 10:41 AM

    That is how the left operates in general. “It wasn’t rape rape” unless the progressive movement thinks there is political hay to be made from it. Moral relativism defines them and situational ethics is what they live by. I have no use for the bastards.

  13. Not even worth the effort it took to type these words.

    No Momma Obama knows a gay man’s beard when he sees one LOL.


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