Viewer Discretion is Advised – The Most Brutal Fight Between Two Beta Males (Sorry if I misgendered) Ever Recorded

And just when you think the assault is over, it starts up again!

Update: Before you watch the clip, please watch this intro-

Sorry if you can’t see Twitter videos. But you’re better off. This is horrific.

57 Comments on Viewer Discretion is Advised – The Most Brutal Fight Between Two Beta Males (Sorry if I misgendered) Ever Recorded

  1. Boy, those middle fingers are going to be REALlY REALLY effective against illegals and antifas and raging musloids. I’ll sleep better tonight…

  2. Got to the point they were doing isometric exercises at each other.

    Made me wonder which was the pointer and which was the setter.

  3. Both of them had the hearts of true champions. They just went on and on when you’d think they didn’t have anything left in the tank.
    A whole hell of a lot of people are going to want to see a rematch.

  4. Ya know, that recorder vid to me is funnier than shit, but I can’t quite put my finger on it why it is. Ive watched it 11 times so far and chuckle every time. Someone help me. Why am I thinking it’s funny?

  5. Well, the one, uh, guy stepped off of the curb and the driver of the van going about 3 miles per hour had to gently press on the brake in order to stop within 5 feet – so there’s that element of danger. It was the most intense finger flipping contest I have seen on the internet, although my viewing experience is limited to…one now, I guess.

  6. So these 2 flipping each other off is a real fight, yeah sure. That’s not fighting it’s just 2 pissed off wimps, Nancy boys who are too chicken to fight so they just flip each other off, big whoop. They wouldn’t last a second if they had to defend themselves in a real fight or to protect themselves from any danger. What is this Junior High or grade school?

  7. The guy in the panel van was busting a gut laughing!
    He must’ve gotten whiplash looking left and right so as not to miss a moment of such vicious violence!


  8. Gin Blossom

    I’m pretty sure that’s a flute-a-phone. I think that’s what they were called. When I was in grade school we played them in music class. Horrific noise. They looked like a 12″ clarinet.

  9. Thats why old men like me can still beat the living shit out of these homo antifa faggotts. I am still itching for one of these homos to fuck with me… Im an old man and still routinely dead lift 365-385 lbs and bench 250. I carry a nice metal Mag Lite for occasions just like that one in hopes of introducing my fist and some metal to a homo antifas skull and jaw. Faggotts. If there is ever a draft again in this country they better start drafting all men between the ages of 45 and 55 first and work their way BACK to the 18 year old homos…it would be our only chance.

  10. Do you score soy points for each bird you flip in a bird fight — like jabs in a boxing match? Is there a knockout bird? Just asking

  11. Im pretty sure both their lovers took them to the ER to get checked out afterwards just to make sure nothing was broken.

  12. Truth is fights between gays in the bedroom are pretty violent. A friend, a homicide detective ,told me they are pretty bloody too.
    Dicks lopped off, tits stabbed, faces scarred, fucking brutal. Lots of blood.
    They are vicious mother fuckers.

  13. They weren’t fighting. They were trying to outdo each other by showing off the feces caked around their fingernails and cuticles.

  14. “Which one was Bad_Brad??”

    That’s not funny. Every one know I wear athletic shorts with leg warmers and fuzzy bunny slippers.

  15. ANON
    I am sure I would have wiped the deck with the 2 of
    em 68 yeas ago in the 2nd grade!

    But then I was, and am, a hard as-!But this vid makes my blood boil! IMHO better to kilt these – – -!

  16. Ahhh … the Frogs are restless …

    if that gas-tax thing continues much longer, they may piddle themselves.

    “You’re one, too!”
    “NO! You’re one!”
    “NO! YOU’RE one!”

    izlamo delenda est …


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