Vile Gelatinous Oaf calls Elise Stefanik Trash

Patriot Retort: For the life of me I will never understand why Kellyanne Conway mated outside of her species.  What was she thinking when she yoked herself to a vile gelatinous oaf like George?

It’s like Princess Leia throwing good sense to the wind and marrying Jabba the Hut.

Aren’t there laws against this sort of interspecies coupling?

It’s bad enough Gelatinous George craps all over Kellyanne’s boss so he can get ResistanceLOL follows and retweets – not to mention face time on MSNBC.

But now he’s turning his tumescent temper on Congresswoman Elise Stefanik for shredding the Democrats’ Shampeachment playbook. Keep reading

12 Comments on Vile Gelatinous Oaf calls Elise Stefanik Trash

  1. I am losing respect for Kelly Anne. I can only think he is a Trojan horse on the inside of the lefties playbook. Like his behavior it is a put on, he leaks false info on behalf of Trump,and gathers intelligence for Trump. Otherwise, Kelly Anne’s intelligence is questionable, or else he is just as rotund as an elephant, and hung like a horse. I mean keeping Kelly Ann around is the only judgement of Trumps I cannot understand.

  2. Kellyanne is a master strategist who created the roadmap for President Trump to win in 2016, and will do so in 2020. She isnt the first person to show genius in one aspect of their life, and stupidity in maters of the heart. My guess is she is so busy, she spends minimal time with Jabba.

  3. if my wife were an anti-republic bowl of howling idiocy like gelatinus jorge, we would be living in separate states.

  4. Another excellent Dianny article. Loved the alliteration she used to describe that egg-shaped imbecile Kellyanne married. Yeah, what was she thinking. He can’t be that great of a father to their girls. He’s petty, spiteful and narcissistic.

  5. No wonder DJT is having a tough time picking competent people to staff his administration as he picked a person to be a top aide who picked an ugly, insane creature to marry!

  6. Could it be anymore obvious that Kellyanne Conway is likely the major leaker in the WH? JFC… She sleeps with this pig.

  7. And then he opened the trap door under the minion responsible for this outrage, and “Hohohohoed” as he was consumed by vile monsters in the capitol dungeon…


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