Vile Gelatinous Oaf Tweets a Photoshopped Picture of Elise Stefanik

19 Comments on Vile Gelatinous Oaf Tweets a Photoshopped Picture of Elise Stefanik

  1. I hope Kellyanne kicks him in the- well you all know what for this crap. The guy is a real piece of work for thr grief that he is giving his wife.
    I bet he lives in the garage and she feeds him dog food meatloaf for dinner. That’s what I would get.

  2. How stupid is George??? I asked stevie wonder if that was photoshopped. He said “yes” without even looking

  3. Either George or his wife have to go. Giving that buffoon a platform to bash Trump because his wife works in the White House has got to stop.

  4. I’ve been banned just about everywhere unimportant for pointing out the most obvious liberal failures.

    Chicago, LA, Portland, NY, San Feces, etc.

    I know it just stings when I inform them of fresh air, no poop or needles, tent cities and about 3 stoplights.

    One of them actually told me that tent cities was proof of “desperate people” escaping my fascism.

    I’d be happy to die in my sleep while Trump is in office. You know, go out on a high note!

  5. George has proven a large part of evolution theory to be wrong! He didn’t descend from an ape but from a whale!

  6. This all makes George the (large) butt of the joke. The left rolls out an obvious photoshop (you can see the glue marks, maaan! ) and Mr. Kellyanne Conway bites. Both The Right and The left laughs at him. Good job, foodcurious George!

  7. I’m still trying to figure out what Kellyanne saw in him. A husband who would deliberately make his wife’s life miserable has got mental issues. I understand that the Conway’s are Catholic, is that right? There must be something can be done to get around the Catholic church’s marriage doctrine, yes?


    Unfortunately, that may come to be.
    I do not want such an ending, but even an abused wife knows there is no future in being submissive to a wife-beater.

  9. I don’t trust Kellyanne. Never have. It’s not like her and her fake hubby are intimate. There’s no way his dick reaches past that fat belly. He’s got Dicky Do.
    He’s a piece of shit coward that will die soon from congestive heart failure. I can’t wait. What an ass.

  10. “George Conway is so fat…”

    “How fat is he?”

    “George Conway is so fat that you have to roll him in flour to find his wet spot.”

  11. “George Conway is so fat..”

    “How fat is he?”

    “George Conway is so fat that he has to hire a crane operator to wipe his ass. 🏗💩


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