Vindman to retire from military after “retaliation” from Trump impeachment


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  1. I wonder what his rank in the Russian military intelligence service is?

    His DNC rank is Asshole, first class.

  2. Wasn’t he offered the secretary of defense position somewhere in the old soviet bloc?…Ask Joe Biden….That’s the ticket….The Ukraine!….or maybe he just wants to be Colin Kaepernicks back up quarterback….

  3. The dems are trying to force his promotion to O-6 before he retires. We will be paying for this piece of shit for the next 40 years.

  4. Vindman to-do list:

    1. Hire agent
    2. Hire ghostwriter
    3. Put self out there as a potential “contributor” to all MSM shows

  5. @geoff the aardvark JULY 8, 2020 AT 1:39 PM
    “Why does Vindman remind me of Neidemeyer in the movie Animal house?”

    More like Flounder.

  6. Strange not to hear anything from the Jr Senator from IL for just about ever and suddenly the last 3 weeks, she’s every where.

    If she thinks she has a shot at the VP slot, her Delusion Meter is pegged.

    Off hand, is there a state with 2 worse senators? CA? VT?

  7. He was probably part of that mutinous military bullshit back when the BLM was first getting the riots cranked up. When that failed, he realized his deep state utility was gone. That, and he probably got reassigned to Alaska.

  8. He’s only retiring because he knows he has NO chance of being promoted to full bird; his career is over, no reason to stay.

  9. Before this is over, some republican senator or senators, will help the dems get that weasel the promotion he desires.

  10. The thing is, even though He is retiring…He can be prosecuted by the UCMJ

    for Life….One of the benefits of being an Officer…You’re never truly out.

  11. Hopefully, his family’s new life will be in Ukraine. He should have been kicked out without no retirement at least, although my first choice would be hung for treason.
    Hopefully though is twin brother goes with him.

  12. Now that his career as deeply embedded counter-intelligence mole is over, he can take that job he was offered as head of the Ukrainian army.

  13. @MMinAR JULY 8, 2020 AT 1:58 PM

    “Off hand, is there a state with 2 worse senators? CA? VT?”

    Yes, Oregon.

  14. As bob said…..

    You’re getting a military retirement or a military disability…..

    You’re still under the UCMJ…..

    and you can be prosecuted for actions against the sitting Commander in Chief.

  15. I think this slippery little pig has a brother in the DOS. He can retire knowing that his brother is still funneling sensitive info to the Soviets. He had too much heat on him and could no longer do so.
    I don’t buy his ranger credentials either and I’d love to get a look at the citations on all those ribbons he’s been wearing.
    I smell the stench of stolen valor on this mutt.

  16. When Obama purged the military’s officer ranks of patriots, this tub of shit is an example of the residue left behind.

  17. @ gin blossom…..I listened to his entire testimony. I haven’t ever been able to find the video…..But yeah, his purple heart was earned when a vehicle he was in hit an IED…..He was treated and released to active duty the same day….

  18. Now he can wear his dress full time and go out with his husband Cuck Schumer in public.

    Traitor commie bastard man dyke!

  19. Why is Soy Boy not being charged with breaking the chain of command ? Or is it a free for all ? Leavenworth is too goof for this traitor. Send him to Ukraine he can be their Secretary if Ass Fucking!

  20. The wages of treason are pretty good, apparently.

    Used to get you a necktie party or a firing squad – now you get a fat pension and a gig with one of the totalitarian propaganda services.

    Just for selling your soul! You ain’t usin it, anyways!

    Didn’t taking an Oath mean something, once?

    izlamo delenda est …

  21. if you go after YOUR COMMANDER IN CHIEF. Leak Classified information and can’t take criticism from him then you have NO BUSINESS being promoted to a higher rank. Actions have CONSEQUENCES. he is lucky in a way, if he would have stayed in and got deployed somebody would have fragged his sorry ass.

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