Vindman’s Rank

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National Security Council aide Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman leaves the hearing room during a break from testifying before the House Intelligence Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2019, during a public impeachment hearing of President Donald Trump’s efforts to tie U.S. aid for Ukraine to investigations of his political opponents. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

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  1. A civilian does not need to address a military man by his rank! But I would certainly address him as being both Rank & Foul!

  2. Voted Most Likely to be Fragged by his classmates.
    Is this fuck a West Point grad? If so, open a new investigation into the Mil academies and their hierarchy and instructors.

    I’ve heard rumors that Obama fucked those up too.

  3. How did that puke get to be a Lt. Col in the American Army? Shame on the Army! We would all be better served for him to be an Anchor in the Navy!

  4. That dirtbag is wearing parachutist wings! What an overt insult to the valiant and brave Airborne troops!

  5. …Chris Matthews must be confused about rank too, since he always referred to “Obama” as My Little Private Tingles…

  6. I’m a retired Lieutenant Colonel and if I was in a hearing, the dummycratic and republican office would be expected to address me by my rank, just as they expect to be addressed by their title. Not sure if any of the commenters on this ever served (don’t really care), but LTC Vindman certainly did, and he was wounded in action – as indicated by the Purple Heart award on his uniform. I worked in the same specialty as he does but don’t know him, but know some folks who did work with him and the BG (ret) who I know said he was a stand up guy. So, that’s good enough for me. Anyone who says he is a traitor or any such thing doesn’t know their ass from a hole in the ground. Our oath of office states we protect and defend the constitution, it doesn’t say obey the orders of the president (the enlisted oath does state that). I don’t think the dummy rats should be impeaching Trump, but don’t denigrate someone for speaking up for what is right.

  7. He’s probably wearing tshirt supporting communism like that other turd who was sh*t-canned cadet.

  8. “speaking up for what is right”

    His opinion. Nothing else has been offered but his opinion – of third-hand knowledge.

    Who is in charge of foreign policy? Lieutenant Colonels or Presidents?

    Your claim is dubious to defend an opinion of a rumor and not factual proof of crimes.

    Your opinion of what is right, in this shampeachment, is in question.

  9. He can put all the fancy titles he wants with his name. He’ll be forever known to me as Treasonous Asshole.

  10. Anyone who hurls rank is an obsequious ass and don’t start with the if you didn’t serve you can’t criticize. I give all mil wide berth and the benefit of the doubt and great respect….until they prove themselves dickheads that sneak around to whisper lies to conniving congresscritters to directly assault the Commander in Chief.

    I don’t denigrate his service or his purple heart, but he’s clearly a rear echelon mil operative that has chosen to be a political operative now.

  11. Lt. Col Pompous @$$.

    And yet he addresses Jim Jordan as Mr Jordan, not Representative Jordan.

    Screw him and his beady little eyes.

  12. Padgit8r – if…IF you truly are former military, thank you for your service.

    But whether you served or not, you should be aware that our POTUS is the ultimate decider of our foreign policy, not some uppity O-5 who is clearly partisan by his actions and his statements. Mr Vindman is despicable.

  13. Padgit8r, you have an opinion just like anyone else and many retired military disagree with your opinion, including those who knew him personally who said he was a POS.
    At least one came out under their name and said what he was.
    Several more have spoken off the record.
    His Ranger School Peers have said he was lazy and a chow thief and they wanted him out.

    You can be a traitor, you can be an asshole, you can be a sorry POS and still have served in the military.

  14. Vietnam era submarine Navy here.

    Back then, officers were either addressed as “Mister” or by their rank. Both were considered proper etiquette and equally respectful.

    The guy’s a twerp. He reminds me of several officers I served with – the crew pushed them to the floor during a fire because they were hindering firefighting efforts that in mere moments would have doomed the boat.

  15. I’ll bet he’s wearing a Che Guevara T shirt. Is he on Active Duty? If not, why the uniform of the country he despises? Seditious bastard deserves a court-martial.

  16. Padgit8r

    Sir! Since you are so enamored with hearts, mine has 3 stars, Sijr!
    As Dad of 4 said he was speaking what in his America hater heart was right, Sir! Not what was right, Sir! As you know , sir, many Army Commissioned officers, are and have been America haters, Sir!~ Sir, my favorite breakfast for over 40 years was named after an America hating American Gen (4 stars), Sir!

  17. @Padgit8r

    You have to respect someone in order to honor them with their honorific! I am a civilian ‘now’ and I don’t owe anyone anything, especially the need to call them by a ‘title’! That includes military, civilian, elected officials and monarchs! And I don’t give two hoots in a hollow that you chose to go into the military and obtained the rank of LTC! A louse with a Purple Heart is still a louse with a Purple Heart!

  18. The military in the US is subordinate to the People. It is totally appropriate for Nunes to address Vindman as Mister, and totally inappropriate for Vindman to order Congressman Nunes to address him by his military rank.

  19. War hero deserves some slack, but because one was a hero at one point of their life does not give them a free pass for the rest if their lives. Just ask Randy “Duke” Cunningham (a REAL hero, who screwed up). Vindeman actively worked to undermine the Constitutionality-elected President, demeaned the president to a foreign leader, and broke the chain of command. Traitorous activity? I’m not an attorney, so I don’t know if he is technically a traitor, but he certainly violated the UCMJ, and if you cant see it “Padgit8er”, then it is you who doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground.

  20. His purple heart is a false shield….I’m pretty sure that he said his vehicle was blown up, he sustained a wound and was returned to active duty the same day….others in the vehicle sustained more severe wounds…..I can’t find anything on the internet yet, but I will……

  21. Everyone seems to be ignoring the possibility the “Lieutenant Colonel” is a Russian “sleeper”. He’s over playing an indignant, hyper-patriotic, progressive victim of the right. Just as if he’s over acting. Hmmm!? He’s born for the role of foreign operative.

  22. It is blatantly obvious that the US government is going all out Communist. Has been for years. The US Military has been so subverted that it cannot and will not protect and defend Americans from domestic enemies, because the military has itself become a domestic enemy. Just opinion as follows:
    “Many people may remember that Obama fired an enormous amount of the top brass in the armed forces, and replaced them with people he wanted in there instead. Lots of people with an ability to reason wondered why this was done – and were suspicious it was because the replacements were communists who would work to destroy the United States, especially in a civil war, where they would give orders to kill gun owning Americans. We now have proof that undermining the country was precisely what Obama had in mind –

    The armed forces are now moving Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and his family onto a military base after he gave a fraudulent testimony during the impeachment hearing. This is to protect him from arrest for perjury. He should have seen a court martial, but instead got protection. This is specifically due to Obama compromising America’s armed forces. So much damage has been done It really looks like the only thing that will save the country is such an enormous collapse of the entire system that the Obama generals stop receiving a paycheck. For now, they are not a protective force, they are instead working to undermine and destroy the presidency and are being aided and abetted so well that known seditious perjurers are sheltered on military bases. BAD NEWS”

  23. I’m in favor of moving that pie faced, shithead to a military base. Put him behind bars when he gets there and set a trial date of Feb. 30, 2025.

  24. Given the resemblance to Bradley XY-Chelsea Manning in both appearance and treasonous sedition, it wouldn’t be out of character for him to get have been wounded in the ass…with a dick.

    He can go suck off Spencer Karl Marx Che-Rapone on a street corner in San Fistandcrisco.

  25. Good Lord! The hearings are still droning on.

    Any chance that they will continue to linger on into thanksgiving week on purpose? They bring a pumpkin pie we bring a green bean casserole.

    Intentional familial discord being sown by pelosi schiff and fart man, in the style recommended by our former muslim President.

    In shallah, I hate these people. Now dumbass ambassador is waxing poetic about his love for McCain.

    I’m outta here.

  26. Gotta proviso, didn’t serve. One kidney.
    However I feel the real conflict is that the President is the Man who sets the policy, and the rank and file think they know better.
    Well, STFU and do your jobs you fooking asswipes, and if you want to make policy, run for President. Then you can tell everybody how to step and fetch.
    Only then.
    Otherwise do your damn job

  27. “Benedict Arnold was a war hero, wounded in battle — before he turned against his country. Hitler was likewise a decorated and wounded veteran of the First World War. Being a war hero is not a lifetime “get out of jail free” card, exempting you from responsibility for what you do thereafter.” ~ Thomas Sowell

  28. Vindman does have an impressive Army service resume, but I do wonder why a Lt. Col. with his training apparently isn’t interested in a command. Resting and vesting? A career Lt. Col.?

    In any event, no one in uniform EVER denigrates the Commander-in-Chief to foreign officials. Not too bright.

  29. Lazlo. Sorry. That ‘pretty basic’ comment was me. Screwed up the assignation part.

    Kinda losing my ability to be sane at this point. Dem brain erasers, in combination with personal gov work is causing further erosion of my IQ points.

    Totally frustrated by collective stupidity. It’s everywhere.

  30. ^ Find an IQ replenisher, PHenry! Music, art, gardening, sports… anything to put some sanity back in the conning tower.

  31. @willysgoatgruff. Don’t bother searching for confirmation on the internet. It came from Vindman’s own mouth. I believe he was caught off guard (having been lavished with praise for his bravery and courage) throughout his testimony, a remark was made about his Purple Heart.

    Appears Vindman had a moment of lucidity, the possibility a soldier he served with could attest to the fact he basically suffered scrapes and bruises and was returned to the field the same day.

    I thought….my how we’ve cheapened the Purple Heart.

  32. I don’t know about military medals/decorations/badges, but am reading that most of his were “service” awards and supposedly are I was there. Maybe our military folks can look through these and see if that’s correct. We do know his purple heart wasn’t a serious injury. This is his decoration record:

    Purple Heart, Defense Meritorious Service Medal with bronze oak leaf cluster (2nd award), Meritorious Service Medal, Army Commendation Medal with three oak leaf clusters (4th award), Army Achievement Medal with two oak leaf clusters (3rd award), National Defense Service Medal, Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, Korea Defense Service Medal, Army Service Ribbon, Overseas Service Ribbon (4th award), Valorous Unit Award, Navy Unit Commendation, National Intelligence Meritorious Unit Citation, and Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citation. He is a recipient of the Combat Infantryman Badge, Expert Infantryman Badge, Ranger Tab, Basic Parachutist Badge, the Presidential Service Badge, and Joint Chiefs of Staff Identification Badge.

  33. @ Engelburka Engelburka…Thanks for hearing it too….I’ll find it even if I have to listen to his stupid ass testimony again….Every true Purple Heart recipients honor needs to be vindicated….I bet there are a few soldiers that could “swift boat” this fraud….

  34. @jimmy. I’m Happiest when covered in sawdust. I need a new woodworking project building furniture.
    Don’t need furniture In my house. MJA tossed an idea at me about a Christmas corner cabinet a while back. Collapsible and storable.

    It was not up to my standards, but I’ve been noodling on it. She seemed to lose interest, but I need to build it for therapeutic reasons.

  35. Oh, I know that feeling, PHenry – for me it’s when I’m outside building a shed or coup (or barn!) – or gardening (or sailing!) – and there’s no time limit. Work all day, stay outside, cook & eat outside, stop every so often and stare at the sky, the trees, the bugs, my sunburned arms… and then commence with the refreshments and and food and good times at twilight with family and friends… In other words, living ON the Earth and embracing it whole heartedly…

  36. Vindman, raised in the Ukraine. Disobeyed superiors in warning the previous Ukraine Gov about cooperating with DJT. Was offered the position of Ukrainian Secretary of Defense three times. And Padgit8r, a supposed warrior, I have my doubts, doesn’t see anything wrong here. We shoud respect the guy with the self inflicted gun shot. By the way his Ranger Classmates hated the prick. This ain’t right. It stinks. Vindman’s a whacked prick that should be identified as defying my vote. And I’m not happy about that. What say you Padgit8r?

  37. @Padgit8r ~ as you, & your fellow officers (presumed), swear an oath to The Constitution … what, exactly, does The Constitution say about who the Commander-In-Chief is to the military? who sets foreign policy?

    …. Lt. Colonels? it’s his JOB to pass his concerns to his superiors … pretty sure “The Whistleblower” (aka, Eric Ciaramella) is not in the ‘chain of command’ … treason, sedition

  38. I’m with Old Racist White Woman.

    Chico and I were working with WHCA. Our POC (Point of Contact, not the other one) was Major Fuckstick, or whatever his name was.

    Chico called him Mr Fuckstick, once. Mr Fuckstick went into a tirade — irate — that he was a Major, and BY FUCKING G-D HE’D BE ADDRESSED AS SUCH!

    Chico laughed in his face. Mr Fuckstick got even more irate.

    Chico said, “I’m a civilian”.

    That was the end of that.

  39. by the way folks, I’d forgot to edit my original post last evening before the 5 minute buzzer went off but here’s this to consider:
    Padgit8r = Progressive Agitator

    In other words, he/she/it is no better than Democrat Party Senator Blumenthal – D-CONartist) and did a bit of STOLEN VALOR to create an aura of authenticity to his pro-Vindman rant.

    And another thing, Progressive Agitator says he/she/it knows a Brigadier Genl (0-7) blah blah blah. It’s likely all bullshit. But I’ll One-Up the smarmy little shit and say I know a real O-9 from the intelligence community who thinks Vindman is a POS who is a disgrace to the Army.

    Fire Away, my friends. FIRE AWAY.


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