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Vindman’s Twin Brother, Yevgeny, Also Removed From the WH on Friday

Business Insider

The twin brother of impeachment witness Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman was fired from the White House on Friday in an apparent act of retaliation by President Donald Trump.

Lt. Col. Yevgeny Vindman worked as a senior lawyer and ethics official. He was also part of the National Security Council, which his brother served on. Unlike his brother, he did not take part in the impeachment process.

He was escorted off White House grounds “suddenly and with no explanation, despite over two decades of loyal service to this country,” Alexander’s lawyer David Pressman said in a statement to Insider’s Sonam Sheth. More

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17 Comments on Vindman’s Twin Brother, Yevgeny, Also Removed From the WH on Friday

  1. I hear the US embassy in Wuhan needs a few more guards …

    Tweedledee & Tweedledumb would make excellent Major Domo’s

  2. “Retaliation”???
    Suck a dick, Business Insider.
    How about a just firing. The only people retaliating were the liars working to take down Trump because he WON in 2016. Why would Trump trust those people?

  3. Gee.. Whutta shame Epstein iz gone… (but he didn’t hang himself) –
    Those two Assholes coulda found work on Little St. Jeff’s’ Island as the world’s largest Double Dong!

  4. Right after his inauguration Clinton fired all 93 U S Attorneys. Surely the Vindman supporters raised hell about Clinton too.

  5. What MJ said, plus they weren’t fired, contrary to what the whining leftards keep saying.

    They were reassigned; there’s a yuge difference.

    They serve at the pleasure of the president; that was the deal for them and every other officer from the minute they were commissioned. As such, he is entirely able to fire them, or any other officer for any reason.

  6. As “Obamaplease ” pointed out, they’re both serving Army officers, so they didn’t get “fired” just reassigned away from the NSC. Here’s hoping they get assigned to some slot without Security Clearance, maybe an Infantry unit out in the field.

  7. I have a question. I have read that should I become a citizen of another country, my son would be ineligible for a government security clearance. How is is that people born in foreign countries – former EASTERN BLOCK countries – get in the positions that these two did?

  8. They say retaliation like it’s a bad thing.
    When an illegal impeachment effort 3 years in the making shows you who your friends are, any democrat would use that information to their own advantage(assuming they aren’t guilty hahahahaha)
    I like the term Retributive Justice.
    As in “Retributive Justice is a Mo____f____r”

  9. It’s my opinion that Yevgeny was fired reassigned because he leaked contents of Bannon’s book to the New York Times (a former newspaper). I expect that to be confirmed soon. If so, that sure ain’t “retaliation” — it’s termination for cause.

    edit: Part of Yev’s job was to evaluate forthcoming publications by people in the IC for classified information, so he definitely had access to Bannon’s book.

  10. Light bird is the big cut in our land based military. There go two little birds with no more weight ever to be attached. Gold? Nope. More, much more work to be done.

  11. “act of retaliation?”

    Since when is it an “act of retaliation” to get rats out of your house?
    If I spray for cockroaches, is it an “act of retaliation?”

    That’s absurd.

    izlamo delenda est …

  12. RadioMattM:

    Why 2 brothers in the Whitehouse regardless?!

    Does anyone remember the Walker Spy Ring (Brother, wife & kids)?

    As I have mentioned before, there are many companies that do not want family working for them for similar reasons and for reasons of personal conflicts creeping into the work force.

    But, they were Obama holdovers so most likely the Whitehouse knew what they were up to and the little bastards got played like a fiddle.

    You have to admit that kicking them out on their asses right after the SOTU address maked for good TV & Bourbon.

  13. Typical leftist Fake News. The evil Vindictiveman twins are still getting Gummint paychecks.

    They were not fired. They were transferred to the Pentagon.


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