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Violent army of illegals storm the Hungarian border

RAIR: An organized army of over seventy illegals, violently attempted to enter Hungarian territory on Tuesday, January 28, 2020, at the Röszke, Hungarian border crossing. Authorities had advanced warning about the crossing attempt, and they were prepared. Police blocked the illegals and armed security guards fired several warning shots.

The following Hungarian news report, translated by RAIR Foundation USA, includes surveillance video of the invasion at the Röszke, Hungarian border and an account of the events as they unfolded. watch

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  1. It used to be that border invasion was considered
    a military matter and they were shot on sight.

    This was law in that regard.

    Because of the new FICTION of ” New world order ”
    and the supposition that the UN possesses legal authority
    we’re to think it is permissible.

    The UN possesses no legal authority whatsoever
    to impose any sanctions on anybody whatsoever
    except that which has been granted to it by its
    members and subject at any time to renunciation.

    In other words, the UN has NO authority over ANY
    individual on the face of the earth.

    Yet, these self-ingratiated jerks as well as the
    jerk who sits on the throne in the Vatican
    arrogantly proclaim otherwise ?

    In the past, such power assumptions were usually
    met with summary execution.

  2. If the migrants can storm the gates at 0520 why aren’t they storming their way to a job? Oh that’s right, assimilation, self-sufficiency and abiding by the law aren’t mandatory in Immigration 2.0 and migration is a human right according to the U.N.

  3. Forget firing warning shots. Fire center mass. That will get the point across better, and leave a few less invaders to try again.

  4. Doesn’t sound like they’re going to Hungary for “love.”

    Maybe Cheb! should emigrate?

    Imagine trying to break INTO Hungary! What complete shit-holes those assholes must be from! Wasn’t that long ago that Hungary had to keep people IN!

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. If this keeps up the Hungarians do need to open fire. Make examples, drop them where they stand. Then, when the globalist media starts to cry, all that Hungary’s spokesman has to say is 4 words. “They were violent invaders” and leave the room.

  6. A violent armed mob is trying to break its way into your house. They want to occupy it, use all your possessions, eat your food, and have sex with anybody inside they want to. After they dispose of you.

    If Democrats are going to be consistent with their own logic, you would be completely unjustified in doing anything other than throwing open your doors and welcoming the invaders inside.

    That is their attitude regarding the nation as a whole: it’s not ours, it’s theirs to do with as they see fit. Since they declare there are no borders, anyone who comes inside is welcome.

    But you – the legal, rightful occupant – must say and do nothing.

    Since it’s what they actually believe about the U.S., how do you think they view your house? Do you really think they view your home as solely yours?

    One of these days this admittedly sick hypothesis is going to be tested here for real, and on a large scale. Europe is trying it now. Then us, as soon as Democrats get back in power.

  7. Trump said it best -“rich libtards live behind walls with security guards and locked doors, not because they hate the people outside. It’s because they love the ones who are inside

  8. Hungarian border crossing…
    The police should have killed the first four,
    Just to let the invaders know they were serious about no entry.


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