Violent B.L.M. savages MURDER young mother for saying “All Lives Matter”

Violent B.L.M. savages MURDER young mother for saying “All Lives Matter”. Want more of this? Vote for Joe Biden.

HT/ C. Steven Tucker

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  1. I just posted this to a chat room on Discord that is used by the group whose channel I am watching for the protests. We have a few hardcore Lefties in these constantly posting BLM and that the protesters are non-violent. I am going to point to this.
    Something like this was just a matter of time. No Lives Matter to most of these thugs. Over and over we hear that shoplifting or robbery should not be the death penalty by cop, yet the same people have nothing to say about the death penalty by thugs for verbal altercations or perceived disrespect.

  2. Issue a Executive order: All rioters may be considered armed and dangerous, These dangerous criminals should be shot on sight.

  3. Nobody with a lick of sense thought it was going stop after they ran out of white statues.

  4. The Left needs to be gone. They are a clear and present danger to society. They are a gun pointed at everyone in the country’s head.

  5. Lots of weapons being pulled here. If I’m facing three verbally aggressive assholes that have all pulled guns I’m going to be pretty convinced my life is in danger. If her boyfriend pulled his he should have started in.

  6. BB – Sounds like they backed off when he did, then ambushed them later.
    They need to be declared as a Terrorist organization and dealt with accordingly!

  7. TRF
    He shouldn’t have given them the chance to back off. The odds were actually in his favor at that time. Action beats reaction. But study after study says don’t pull it unless you’re going to use it. And if you pull it, use it. He screwed up.

  8. Want more of this? Vote for Joe
    And the goofs will. The thought process is because this is happening with Trump in office there’s only one person to blame: Trump. Biden will fix everything like the second coming of Jesus. Except the mob doesn’t believe in Jesus so to them it’ll be more like proving settled science.

  9. If you carry a pistol, find a good tactical/defensive pistol trainer and spend the money. They teach much more than how to shoot. Can you justify to yourself taking a life? If not maybe you shouldn’t be carrying a gun. They’ll explain the switch you need to be able to switch. And how to keep yourself alive when the trigger happy cops show up. If you carry I believe it’s necessary. Just my opinion.

  10. @BB
    Reminds me of a line from the movie Boys In Company C;
    “If you are going to be stupid enough to pull a gun on a man, you better be smart enough to use it.”

    The trainer I used said if you pull your gun from you’re holster the next sound you should hear is BANG BANG BANG (body body head). You do not pull a gun to defuse a situation, you only pull a gun to end a situation.

  11. Two homicides in one week then this:
    “Our message is that the canal is still a safe to go,” said IMPD Capt. Jerry Leary
    Laughable if it wasn’t tragic.

  12. Whatshisface

    What was once Old is now new again. The modern gun fighters. That theme is very popular on most gun smart Webb sights. And getting more realistic every hour right now.

  13. she is a casualty of the ongoing war

    a woman not afraid of the mob, where are all the men?

    she died not being afraid to voice her beliefs

    when we finally face the man upstairs will be able to say the same?

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