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Violent crime against NYC’s elderly continues to rise

NYP: New York’s criminal element has sunk to a new despicable low in 2016, as crimes against the elderly have skyrocketed thanks to a wave of violent attacks on senior citizens, according to newly released NYPD statistics.

Slightly more than 1,000 people over 65 have been assaulted across the city through Oct. 31 — a 16 percent increase over the 863 old folks who were attacked in the same period in 2015, cops said.

Robberies also increased against the elderly, with a 6.5 percent jump so far this year from 348 to 371.

The total number of major crimes against the elderly is up 3.4 percent, with 5,027 against seniors compared to 4,862 in the same period last year.

The disturbing numbers have been illustrated by a number of high-profile attacks on older people, such the mugging of a wheel-chair bound 95-year-old woman in a Harlem clothing store in broad daylight in September.


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  1. No country for old men. Or women.

    Remember driving behind the old buick driven by a hat, with “Live long enough to be a burden to your children” on the bumper? There’s a new breed now, good luck with that.

  2. Open carry. Outfit those walkers with gun racks. Holster up the elderly. Self defense because the NY liberals are aiming to beat the Chicago violence levels. Oh, sorry, I forgot, both cities have strict gun rules.

    So, strict gun rules=high crimes=only criminals have guns=liberals who love in gated communities and have body guards=the peons become the prey.

    Can’t hardly wait until the seniors fight back. They conquered Hitler, so I bet they can figure out how to protect themselves.

  3. Open carry is a dead loser even for the young. If I’m a bad guy I’m just taking your gun first. This story gets my hair up. Old people should learn how to fight back? NO, they’ve done their time on earth and should be protected.

  4. You’d have to pay me a lot of money to even consider going to NYC, and I’d take your money and then not go.

    I’m 67. Not that old, but not young, either. And I never leave home without being armed. I’ll do my very best not to be targeted as a victim by some feral people but if I should be unsuccessful at that, I’m ready. And I’ve done all the thinking and contemplating and I have absolutely no doubt that if push comes to shove I’m perfectly capable of killing anybody who tries to kill me or assaults me with potentially deadly force.

  5. Most voted for the people who took
    their guns away and let the goblins run amuck with littlfear of the cops,judges or jail.
    I have little sympathy for these
    old FDR progs as karma catches up

  6. All the more reason for all NYC inhabitants who can vote to choose Trump, not Gramma who wants to keep the status quo, only worse. Once the NYPD stop fearing the rabble and start fighting back, under Trump, the faster the criminal elements will either die, or go to prison and die when their throats are slit for killing old people, kids, etc.

  7. John; You must be a liberal as you like putting people in groups. Like the left that says all gun owners are terrorists. Many of the elderly fought and sacrificed during WWII. I have little sympathy for people who can’t distinguish between right and wrong. And attacking helpless old people is wrong.
    (Notice I said helpless…..hitlery is not helpless)

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