Viral Video About Testing At Home for “Fake Food” is a Lot of Hooey

Here’s the video –

Here’s the debunking.

8 Comments on Viral Video About Testing At Home for “Fake Food” is a Lot of Hooey

  1. Damn., If only this was a MSM e/i Sunday morning promoted series,,,
    I might stop cutting the cord,,

    Till than,,

  2. Some of those things look like they would cost more than have an unadulterated product. Putting die on yams? Have you ever seen anything with die on it where the die did not rub off? And on pea, if the die came of it like that when you cooked it no one would by that brand of peas a second time.

  3. How long does anyone think fresh produce lasts? If means to preserve them weren’t used then stores would be filled with rotting vegis. And what would be available all winter?
    Some of what’s shown may be on target but some seems unrealistic.

  4. Try doing a cheese melting test down at your store and explain to the authorities that arrive to cuff you your unusual product testing is a search for wholesome products. That should be good for some laughs.

  5. Who to believe, a clickbait video or the government? I wouldn’t give credence to either. Just use common sense.

  6. Whas rong with eeting plasdick rice?
    I eet wax froot and is oK.
    sumtimes it sticks to my denturrs, but other thanb that it tast real good.

    An gummint cheeese never melted, at all! I usta get that stuff by the ton!


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