Virginia ‘Vote Blue’ TikTok video is so bad, it might turn the whole state Red

BPR: The infamous Libs of Tik Tok has done it again. They’ve scoured the video-based social media platform for the worst of the worst and delivered the ultimate cringe video of the week.

It’s two women who’ve turned a popular song from 1980 into a pro-Democrat theme song for November 2nd, the date of Virginia’s general election.

The song featured in the video, Don’t Stand So Close To Me, as performed by The Police, couldn’t ring any more true in literal form when it comes to these two gyrating gems, just out there making their parents proud.

They have defiled the voice of Sting and turned the song into “This race too close for me” and as per usual, the Internet had a lot to say after the video crossed their paths. It’s unclear if the two “stars” in the video live in Virginia or they just make bizarre videos in their mom’s basement. more

18 Comments on Virginia ‘Vote Blue’ TikTok video is so bad, it might turn the whole state Red

  1. @Claudia
    Ha! I made it to 31 seconds.
    Now I must rush off to the bathroom….

    YUP! 🤢 – Claudia

  2. This is what happens when you don’t have even one policy position voters are remotely interested in to run on.

  3. Biden* would fuck her/ it

    Bee tee dubs, leftists always project. So their anti semite jab at the end is what the Democrat Party actually is – a bunch of goddam Jew-hating antisemites.

  4. Virginia did pass voter reform, to include:
    establish early voting on Sundays
    Make absentee ballot drop boxes permanent
    Guarantee prepaid postage
    Eliminate the absentee ballot witness requirement
    automatically restore voting rights to people on parole or probation for a felony conviction
    Adopt automatic voter registration via the DMV
    Count mail ballots that are postmarked by Election Day and received within three days afterward,(How many new ballots can they print in 3 DAYS.)
    That should allow enough cheat to win.

  5. This shit started because they decided to close the institutions. The new woke assholes started to obtain their power and instead of getting the improperly housed folks like the developmentally disabled and like folks they insisted on everything or nothing. I grew up at the northern part I94 ends. Couldn’t continue to Canada so a lot of crazy people hitchhiked and stopped right here. Now there’s two frikken more.


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