Virginia 2A Rally: Massive Crowds, Lots of Guns

Pictures and videos at the link.


Virginia law states that even a state of emergency can not limit lawfully carrying a firearm.

Your move Ralf. #Virginia #2A

PJM: Today is lobby day in Richmond, Virginia, and people from all over the state are streaming into the capitol to protest Virginia Democrats and Governor Northam’s plans to institute major gun bans. The governor declared a state of emergency leading up to the event and tried to ban anyone from carrying legally at the rally. No one is really sure if that’s legal or binding. The law seems to say it isn’t.

A state of emergency does not suspend Constitutional rights. However, a group of citizens took Northam’s ban to court and a circuit court judge upheld it. The Virginia Supreme Court refused to hear the appeal, stating,

The circuit court decided this case in less than one day, and, accordingly, the record before the court is scant, there is no transcript or written statement of facts detailing the events of the hearing, and we are unaware of any evidence that was taken. The only information we have on which to resolve the weighty issues raised by the parties are pleadings accompanied by cursory attachments. Accordingly, the petition is refused.

That seems like a weasel move if I ever saw one. Sorry, American citizens, the circuit court did such a terrible job on this issue that we can’t possibly step in and help. No evidence, no transcript, no problem. Bye-bye Second Amendment. 

Pictures have started coming in of the protesters arriving at the capitol. I especially like the one of fencing that Northam had erected that says: “The wall the Northam built.” Go see

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  1. Chicken Shet – they have not changed the US Constitution. They have violated it. Ball is still in play.

  2. NBC calling armed vets “domestic terrorists.” Are the sheriffs in attendance also “domestic terrorists?”

  3. Guns history in a few years as people in scattered areas find that they cannot afford to own a gun, as they cannot find their child because child services know they have a gun , as their loans are called or denied and employment is out of reach…you under estimate the Left, they can kill hundreds of millions of people and still represent the Democrat Party, still control the Media and write history..

  4. Huh.

    And here I was assured there was a KILL BOX with government SNIPERS on rooftop looking for an excuse to take out patriots with head shots.



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