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Virginia Advice for Out-Of-State CHP Holders


First, I’d like to offer an apology to our fellow CHP holders from the 25 states that are about to lose recognition from Virginia on February 1st 2016.

All of you who have visited Virginia over the years have been exemplary and have not caused any problems within the Commonwealth.

This is NOT about you or anything you have done that was wrong.

It’s about our Governor, Terry McAuliffe, and our Attorney General, Mark Herring, who were both elected by a very small margin, and are a great embarrassment to Virginians. Neither of these individuals are reflective of the attitudes toward liberty and freedom and the values that we cherish here in Virginia.  MORE

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  1. The idiots in northern Virginia elected these idiots by the narrowest of margins. We are petitioning to have them secede to Maryland.

  2. I spent a boatload on a vacation to VA a few months back. It’s an amazing state – saw Jamestown, Williamsburg, VA Beach and returned home via the route Jefferson Davis took via Danville when he tried to outrun the Union Army. Had an amazing time, but I will drive out of my way to avoid spending another dime in the state as long as reciprocity is off the table. I’ll make sure to spend my dollars where my gun and I are both welcome.

  3. Maybe it’s time for Virginia to tax people working in DC at something like 40%. That’ll make all the Gummint ‘Rats flee to Maryland, where they belong.

  4. Let the Virginia Legislature withdraw funding for the security detail protect this piece of shit gov and da….watch them scramble …they think their gun law protects them…let us see….open invite for troubles yet to come.

  5. Elections have consequences and it seems the residents of Virginia have made at least two poor choices, Governor and Attorney General. Time to fix your mistakes!

  6. Cuccinelli would have never allowed this to happen. You got what you wanted, Virginia. Shame on you, voting for Gov. McAwful.

  7. We’re doing what we can to rectify this. Our GOP is looking into stripping McAuliffe’s State Police detail from him.

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