Virginia: Black Woman At Gun Rights Rally Says She Is Sick Of Democrats Putting Illegal Aliens First While the liberal media tried to paint the gun rights rally today like it was a racist and divisive event, the truth is that it was diverse and peaceful.

A young black woman got it right today at the Richmond, Virginia gun-rights rally.

She told reporter Kaitlin Bennett that the Democrats had 60 years, but now blacks have to break the mindset of following the Democrats.

Both of the young women who spoke out were amazing! Everything they said was spot on! WATCH

5 Comments on Virginia: Black Woman At Gun Rights Rally Says She Is Sick Of Democrats Putting Illegal Aliens First

  1. Yep, they finally realize that Johnson’s golden era of welfare slavery is over and the Left wants them replaced.

  2. Great to hear these thoughts from these independent thinking black girls! They are calm reasonable and can see how the communist media tries to manipulate us. Racism pffft … They could visit my one-horse all-white hometown in flyover country and barely get a 2nd look let alone any hostility. The big problem continues to be overimmigration and its shafting all native us citizens. Id vote for these gals for office over the white male democrat communists we have in my district and state.

  3. I’m glad to know that blacks are beginning to understand the devastating effects that Leftist policy has had on their “community.” Real progress will be made when entitlement-dependent whites figure it out, too. We’ve all seen them. Hell’s Bells! I know a woman who has made a career out of working The System. I’ve always thought that since she has the persistence and smarts to squeeze arcane benefits out of the gov’t she could easily make six figures giving seminars on how it’s done, or she might have applied all that energy and talent to something else, like, you know, gainful employment. She puts that bot who posts about making $6,880/week working from home to shame!

    But back to the point: Haven’t Democrats enslaved poor whites exactly in the same ways as blacks? Haven’t they reduced entire rural townships and backroad communities to welfare-dependent, drug-addicted reservations by allowing Spotted owls, salamanders, beetles, turtles, or some other bizarre species of animal take total precedence over regional industries like logging, mining, fishing and other livelihoods that generations of families have depended upon for their daily bread? It’s not as though any of them were getting rich off such employment, but it kept these families above water and provided the dignity of self-sufficiency and self-worth. But when international trade treaties favored sending raw timber to Japan, or when global agreements shut down American coal, or when international fishing treaties reduced Alaskan and Atlantic fishing, the Democrats made it plain as day who they were not championing. And those decisions have been just as destructive to small town whites and their generations as they have been to urban blacks.

    It’s not right to cut the ground out from under families who have taken pride in following in their fathers’ and grandfathers’ vocational footprints; men and women who aspire to be better farmers, fishermen, miners, loggers, sawyers, and all those who populate and provision our small towns like barbers, grocers, mechanics, builders, and those towns dry up, leaving a lot of people with a lot of time on their depressed hands. Enter the drug traffickers who recruit the young who need the money. This is how entire communities succumb to meth. If you’ve seen any documentaries on what has happened in large rural areas of Kentucky, say, or Tennessee, for example, it’s truly awful. There’s just no hope. And you know it’s far gone when the largest regional employers are government “services”, law enforcement, correctional facilities, and rehab. No jobs, terrible schools and people tied to the only home they’ve ever known. Epic Democrat failure.


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