Virginia Dems Vow To Boycott Event If President Attends, Leadership Says “Send Him Back”

Democrats in Virginia have declared they will snub the President of the United States if he attends a commemorative event scheduled for later this month.

The White House has not made any official announcements about President Trump’s plans to attend the 400th anniversary of American democracy, to be held in Jamestown on July 30. But Virginia Democrats have not missed the opportunity to grandstand, defiantly announcing they will essentially put partisan politics ahead of America’s heritage. More

19 Comments on Virginia Dems Vow To Boycott Event If President Attends, Leadership Says “Send Him Back”

  1. …If all you got is, “I’ll stay away if you displease me”, then please PLEASE tell the President everything that displeases you, so he can be sure to do it a whole lot MORE…

  2. Any Virginia event without Democrats is considerably better than with Democrats. Call me Captain Obvious.

    Jamestown 400 years without Governor KKK Northam, rapist Lt Gov Fairfax, blackface atty gen Herring, mumbling Timmy Kaine and horseface Mark Warner?
    Count me in.

  3. If there aren’t going to be any democrats will the brilliant, heterosexual, highly accomplished, America loving, internationally respected, honorable President Trump still need security? What say you, sniveling girly men libs?

  4. Da Dums could not have picked anymore perfect moniker for their party than a jackass. Stubborn, hard to train, obstinant, Belligerent, and Narrow minded. To name a few of the better aspects.

  5. If you assholes don’t show up everyone else will enjoy it a lot more. President Trump should send them a thank you card.

  6. The race card is getting way old. Most voters are not swayed by constant BS, except those with TDS.

  7. Next up: Democrats threaten to hold their breath until they turn blue unless Trump impeaches himself.

  8. The ONLY thing “democraps” have in common with “democracy,” are the first seven letters. 🙄

    If Trump shows up, it’ll be to lash their happy asses to the bow of the Mayflower, in order to send THEM back! 😆

  9. Send Trump back… Where?
    To the greatest nation ever conceived, founded and built by White Anglo-Saxons?
    Ahh, a longing for those days of just a few decades ago before non-Whites began destroying our great culture… This disasterous mess is their ‘culture’ not ours!

  10. Reverse musical chairs.
    Trump needs to pop up unannounced at different
    events of this kind in VA. to make the Dems
    jump up and run whenever he likes.
    Then he can laughingly scorn them with impunity.

  11. I pine for my state as it was when I moved here. But between leftists moving here intentionally, teachers indoctrinating their charges, and the new concentration of Federal employment in Fairfax County, old Virginia doesn’t stand a chance.

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